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  1. Argonaut5
    Hello I'm new to this forum and am searching for any information about a past life in Vietnam during the war and lost love.
  2. ValerieW
    I want to deepen my regressions
  3. lollipop
    hello all. im a science minded geek with an interest in the spiritual. ws drawn here my dkings posts. anyone know what happened to him?
  4. Petrichor
    Petrichor VikingGirlTBird
    Hi, I don't seem to be able to PM you, so I hope this is okay. :) I noticed you were a French knight in the Hundred Year's War, and I'm interested in that time period, so I was wondering if you remember something you could share, about people or places or anything about your life there, really. I would be very interested. I completely understand if it's too personal.
  5. heracles12
    Just trying to reach my highest potential
  6. heracles12
    heracles12 truthlove
    hey, i know this sound strange but I was wondering if you could give me a bit of guidance on my spiritual journey. A lot of wild things have happened to me recently and i've ended up here and i think its for a good reason
  7. Eva1942
    Eva1942 Ophelia3
    Hey! Did you get my last PM? I'm not sure it sent properly. :)
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    2. Ophelia3
      Yeah I did, sorry I’ve been insanely busy last few weeks! Will inbox you. Xx
      Nov 29, 2019
  8. WhiteRose
    I wish to find my past life family the Neville's. feel free to contact me if you feel any connection.
  9. WWIICurious
    WWIICurious Christina Conrad
    I apologize. I’m new to this Forum and not sure how to PM you. My friend’s son seems to be having very strong memories of being at Normandy during WWII. I know your son also has strong WWII memories and I just wondered how you helped him. This is all new to her and she is feeling confused, overwhelmed, etc. We were both raised Catholic and he attends parochial school so reincarnation is a hard pill to swallow.
  10. Starlight82
    Starlight82 Etta
    Hi there, I just read your post, and have been through something similar. If you would like to talk, just message me.
    1. Etta
      Hi, thank you for your message... It really helps to know I'm not alone in this. Have you figured out what is going on with you? And why you feel what you feel? Or are you still trying to figure it out just like me? (For some reason I can't start private conversation)
      Nov 9, 2019
  11. martinusnl
    Probably 101th or 82nd airborne. I got info about the city of Veghel Netherlands
  12. kstornado11
    kstornado11 Deborah
    Wish there were a way to retrieve private messages from years ago!!
  13. kstornado11
  14. martinusnl
    I would love to learn more of course...
  15. martinusnl
    I was an american soldier, killed in action probably in ww2.
  16. martinusnl
  17. martinusnl
  18. sanae
    Does this place have a discord?
  19. Klaus Heisermann
    Klaus Heisermann
    If anyone would like a link to the discord group I run, message me directly.
    1. GalaxyDreamer90
      Hi I would like a link but I can't seem to message you.
      Oct 19, 2019
  20. BellonaStrandt
    ‘Go ahead, you can call me the devil. You aspire to my level. You aspire to malevolence’ -Hamilton in the musical