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  1. Nanu
    Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.
  2. insearchof_1785
    I'm hoping that my sister will be here. It main be vain but I still hope.
  3. insearchof_1785
    Good afternoon!
  4. insearchof_1785
    Good afternoon!
  5. Adam Reed
    Adam Reed
    I'm excited to connect with a community that shares an interest in their spirituality. Feel free to say hi at any time. Thanks.
    1. Deborah
      Hi Adam...welcome. I hope you enjoy the space! There's a lot here. :O)
      Apr 1, 2017
    Good morning I live in the UK, i have experienced past life memories since i was a child.
    Hello Everyone. New to this forum. Love reading everyones experiences and stories. Many blessings and light to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  8. Michelle Van Winkle
    Michelle Van Winkle
    Miss the 40s
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  9. matthew46
    matthew46 tanguerra
    Hi responded to your comment from way back in october ...thanks
  10. Carloloner
    Ich bin ganz allein in diesem Leben. Irgendwo auf der Welt sind meine andere Geistfamilien.
    1. John Tat
      John Tat
      I Wish you well in your search
      Mar 18, 2017
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  11. SeaAndSky
    SeaAndSky TheDivineOne
    Nothing in science that I know of, though it is a much used sci fi trope. There are also hints of this in the world of magic. But, it could all be nothing but blather and nonsense. My recall was that this kind of thing was a bit like a switch-off during astral travel, but its been a while. Perhaps it could be consensual and not evil (i.e., an exchange rather than an eviction). FTM switch with MTF?
  12. Nishu
    A soul in search of answers!
  13. TheDivineOne
    Welcome, Nishu
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    2. Nishu
      Thank you.
      Mar 6, 2017
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  14. TheDivineOne
    Someone pm me - is there anyway to transfer to a new body at will?
  15. bellaDonna09
    some of the best days of your life havent come yet
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  16. AlexD
    Tu. Un înger, un demon, un univers apus. Ca Marte de roşu, de moarte sedus. Oglinda-s eu şi în ea te oglindeşti şi tu!
  17. AlexD
    De unde vin?… De unde pot veni, când ochii-mi, plini de regrete și tristeți, păr două candele aprinse în criptă morților poeți?
  18. Ljbellus
  19. Barblynn
    Barblynn Cotton Cloudy
    Hi, CC, if you're still around I'm interested in hearing about your memories. Sincerely, another crazy white girl who was an Indian woman in her past life.
  20. TheDivineOne
    I'm tired... spiritually and energetically. :(
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