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  1. SeaAndSky
    SeaAndSky TheDivineOne
    Hi DO,

    To use an old-fashioned phrase, I think you are "in travail" like one in childbirth, only you're struggling and suffering through giving birth to yourself, your true self. New birth and rebirth almost always seems to involve a lot of suffering, but I'm hoping the best for you, especially that you can keep your eyes on the prize and not give up.
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  2. Maria Nikolaevna
    Maria Nikolaevna
    Hello Everyone, it's me, Mashka! I just wanted to post on here about my past life as GD Maria Nikolaevna Romanova! I hope we can be friends!
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  3. TheDivineOne
    Still struggling to find a way out of all this pain and suffering. It feels like i'm dying slowly inside
  4. sundownscsbki
  5. MichelleFlies
    Seeking the higher truths in this journey
  6. AlexD
    Soon you will see that I never died at all.
  7. bellaDonna09
    being bullied feel like one can happen 1year ago but my scars cant seem to heal
    1. Looking Backwards
      Looking Backwards
      Please try finding someone to talk to. A loved one, a therapist or a doctor, anyone. I know how hurtful bullying is, but you can get through it. You can.
      Jun 11, 2017
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  8. xtriggerman
    Looking beyond the ink inspectors
  9. Nanu
    In a quest for the truth of life
    1. Deborah
      I hope you enjoy the forum!
      Jun 8, 2017
  10. Deborah
    Deborah Mere Dreamer
    Did you change your staff position to just moderator? It says you're a super moderator in the control panel. I want to be sure you have all the bells and whistles. It's OK if you did. Won't change your status. But if not I need to figure out why.
    1. Mere Dreamer
      Mere Dreamer
      I haven't edited anything in my profile. I haven't tried to do much moderating in the last couple days, so *shrug* I don't know if anything is missing either. I'll let you know if I run into problems.
      May 13, 2017
  11. Aliceson Brown
    Aliceson Brown Tinkerman
    Thank you very much
  12. Aliceson Brown
    Aliceson Brown
    Spiritually Curious
    1. Deborah
      I like too. ;)
      Jun 8, 2017
  13. Deborah
    Anyone one have ideas on how we can improve the forum?
  14. TheDivineOne
    TheDivineOne Fantasy
    Hi, Fantasy. Thank you for your thoughtful post. Sorry i'm just now responding. I would like to know more about your past life experiences as a transgender and a suicide victim. PM me if you'd like to talk.
  15. Fantasy
    Fantasy TheDivineOne
    Hey i just read a few of your posts.. I'm a female.. Did plr and found myself transgender.. But after i did 5 sessions.. I understood why i was and beleive my.. My problems though not ended.. But still in happy.. Found happiness in many other things.. But not what i really wanted

    I even saw i had committed suicide in one life and yes my problems have grown only.. And i think i have taken over from that life
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  16. Nanu
    Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.
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  17. insearchof_1785
    I'm hoping that my sister will be here. It main be vain but I still hope.
  18. insearchof_1785
    Good afternoon!
    1. Deborah
      HI - I hope you're enjoying the forum. Can I help you find something specifically?
      Apr 30, 2017
  19. insearchof_1785
    Good afternoon!
  20. Adam Reed
    Adam Reed
    I'm excited to connect with a community that shares an interest in their spirituality. Feel free to say hi at any time. Thanks.
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    2. Deborah
      Hi Adam...welcome. I hope you enjoy the space! There's a lot here. :O)
      Apr 1, 2017