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  1. LunoSun
    just beginning to find out who I am.
  2. Robert W. Mayhall
    Robert W. Mayhall
    I am happy to be part of this forum. I am an artist with past life remembrance. My art is about the soul.
  3. Cryscat
    Cryscat joycethelostsoul
    Copy and paste.... is one way to do that
  4. joycethelostsoul
    Can I ask how to share a forum post here in regards to past life dreams? I'm just newbie here.
  5. Bobby B
    Bobby B
    Researcher into past lives explorations based on William Swygard's Awareness techniques. I have a monthly MeetUp group in Asheville, NC.
  6. TatianaRomanova
    Missing Mama..
  7. TatianaRomanova
    Contact me through instagram! I'm active @grandduchesstatianaromanova
  8. TatianaRomanova
    Find me on instagram! @grandduchesstatianaromanova
  9. Oldsoul65
    I believe that the light of life is the soul that shows us the way to the next life.
  10. sunflowers
    Enjoy my life!
  11. TheDivineOne
    Don't pass me the idea of not reincarnating so there is no issue with my next-life gender. I had a male life and now i want a female one.
  12. Backlit
    Hurry up... we're dreaming
  13. AlexD
    Nimic și nimeni nu-i mort pe vecie: revine la viața când e povestit.
  14. Deborah
    HI bluecaliroses. How can I help you? Can you be more specific about the abilities that are resurfacing? Good vibes coming back at ya. ;)
  15. bluecaliroses
    bluecaliroses Deborah
    Good Evening. I am new to forums and I am very interested in past life confirmation; also, I'm looking for aid in harnessing some re-developed abilities that are currently very overwhelming. I understand you are very busy teaching classes and of course living life, so I appreciate even a small amount of your time to point me in the right direction.
    Sending Good Vibes
  16. Tish9992
    New to this. First time I ever joined n online forum
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    2. Deborah
      Welcome. Feel free to post - ask questions and reflect. ENJOY!
      Jul 28, 2017
  17. John Solo
    John Solo
    Wondering where she is and who she is right now...
  18. SeaAndSky
    SeaAndSky TheDivineOne
    Hi DO,

    To use an old-fashioned phrase, I think you are "in travail" like one in childbirth, only you're struggling and suffering through giving birth to yourself, your true self. New birth and rebirth almost always seems to involve a lot of suffering, but I'm hoping the best for you, especially that you can keep your eyes on the prize and not give up.
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  19. Maria Nikolaevna
    Maria Nikolaevna
    Hello Everyone, it's me, Mashka! I just wanted to post on here about my past life as GD Maria Nikolaevna Romanova! I hope we can be friends!
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  20. TheDivineOne
    Still struggling to find a way out of all this pain and suffering. It feels like i'm dying slowly inside