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  1. 99SOphie99
    Happy Thanksgiving!
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  2. VikingGirlTBird
    Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! I am very thankful for this forum and for all of you guys! Be safe, have fun, and try to be thankful! Peace!
  3. Learninghere123
    Learninghere123 VikingGirlTBird
    Hello! I know other members have commented this before but I can't find the option to send you a PM. K thought it would be great if I could have a chat about your experiences and ideas about reincarnation. I'm new to the forum and some advice or a nice chat would be great. Thanks!
    1. VikingGirlTBird
      Nov 21, 2020 at 8:02 PM
  4. Learninghere123
    Learninghere123 Arrant
    Hi Arrant! How are you?

    Sorry to message you out of the blue... you probablh won't see my message but I just wanted to talk a bit more about reencarnation with you as I'm new in this forum but I share some of your doubts when it comes to explaining reencarnation from a scientific point of view.

    Hope you want to have a chat!

    Thanks :)
  5. cherieturquoise
    Hi, I’m Italian and I’m new here. I deeply need help with what’s happening to me, could anyone help me? I don’t know how to create a post
    1. Tinkerman
      Cherieturquoise, from the main page where you see the many topics/categories/sections, choose one, for example, Reincarnation Questions. It will take you into that section. In the top right you will see a blue box that says "post new thread." choose that box and it will take you to the place where you can make a post.
      Nov 16, 2020
    2. fireflydancing
      Hi cherieturquoise,

      Still need help? Or did you already find out how this forum works?
      Nov 17, 2020
  6. VikingGirlTBird
    Happy Halloween, Happy Samhain, Happy Ancient Celtic New Year, and Happy Autumn/Fall Everybody! Be safe and have fun everybody! Peace! :) ;)
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  7. My_Sun
    Happy Halloweeeeeen Everybody! *-*
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  8. The Traveler
    The Traveler
    Okay, provvedo. :)
  9. Cyrus
    Cyrus The Traveler
    Puoi scrivermi al mio email direttamente adesso:
  10. The Traveler
    The Traveler
    ma mi ha contattato per primo l'utente che voleva parlarmi. Non so come abbia fatto. O contatto gli admin o glielo chiedo.
  11. The Traveler
    The Traveler
    ciao. le conversazioni si processano in un altro modo. ieri ne ho avuto una piuttosto lunga.
  12. Cyrus
    Cyrus The Traveler
    Cio, Traveler.

    Sto provando.

    Scrivimi qualcosa.
  13. The Traveler
    The Traveler My_Sun
    2000 b.C early dynastic...
    okay let we try. do you any remember of THAT monument into its ancient glory?
    should be already existing into your past life. djoser is the most ancient of all pharaons of egypt the first that have historical evidence.
    do you had visited when you was a slave?
  14. My_Sun
    If anyone has knowledge of Egypt, please contact me i need some historical facts.
    1. Eva1942
      What do you want to know? I had two lives in Ancient Egypt. One as a Queen if the Amarna Royal Family, the other as a Pharaoh in the 19th Dynasty.
      Oct 27, 2020
    2. My_Sun
      Οh so you only come as royalty in this world?
      Oct 27, 2020
  15. LadyAnneOfWarwick
    Hello to everyone again i was previously here before but i wanted to take a break for the better. hope you are all doing well.
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  16. paiaxx
    paiaxx gashina
    Hi gashina! I know it's been awhile since you've been on the forum, but I've been experiencing something similar as you and a couple others and was wondering if you'd like to connect?
  17. Bellona324
    New pfp, my WWII self who is pro-bro code
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  18. VikingGirlTBird
    Happy Autumn/Fall Equinox everybody and a very happy birthday to everybody (Including me today!) who was born in September and/or in Autumn!
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    2. Klaud
      Happy late birthday!!
      Sep 24, 2020
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    3. VikingGirlTBird
      Thanks so much Klaud! I really appreciate it! And Happy Belated Autumn Equinox to you also! :) ;)
      Sep 24, 2020
  19. VikingGirlTBird
    All of our ancestors and relatives live on in us and are always with us! Even if we were once our own ancestors and relatives in our PL's!
  20. magnus
    magnus Tinkerman
    Is it possible to delete the account including posts I made or at least mark the posts with the name "deleted account" instead of username?
    1. Tinkerman
      Yes, all are possible. Please check your private messages. ~T
      Sep 6, 2020