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  1. Karen25
    In the middle of my travelling
  2. Healing Wisdom
    Healing Wisdom
    Anyone out there familiar with the term SLIDER? If so, are there other terms for it ?
  3. Healing Wisdom
    Healing Wisdom Deborah
    Hi Deborah, I’m unable to make any posts and says it could be a spam post. How do I fix this ? Thanks you!
    1. Deborah
      I will check the back panel. We’ve had glitches the past month. So sorry! I’ll be home in a few hours. Will try
      Apr 13, 2018
  4. NiNi0217
    My husband and I were utterly shocked when we came across a pic from the 1890s that looks exactly like our 12 y.o daughter!!!
  5. comewithme
  6. UncleQuestioningStuffNow
    He Questions This Recent Decision!
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  7. UncleQuestioningStuffNow
    Uncle Decided His Breakfast Choice Was Bad!
  8. UncleQuestioningStuffNow
    The Uncle Is Questioning His Breakfast Choice!
  9. cloud potato
    cloud potato Deborah
    hello deborah!
    i noticed you replied to my post. i wanted to view but it says i don't have permission to do so.
    i am also trying to share but believe i'm having trouble replying to a thread as well.
    do you know what has happened since i've been gone?

    thank you
    1. Deborah
      Try again - I think I fixed the problem.
      Apr 1, 2018
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  10. Zane
  11. AlexD
    I fed desire a mind burning fire, now nothing can put it to rest.
  12. Annabell
    "Boys will be boys. And even that wouldn't matter if only we could prevent girls from being girls." -Anne Frank
  13. Amy.fate
    Amy.fate beatrice kiddo
    hey Beatrice, you said in your post that there are strange symbols and coincidences that have occurred and I have similar experience, so I thought maybe we could figure what is it.
    1. beatrice kiddo
      beatrice kiddo
      Yes of course! We shall try get to the bottom of it. Sorry for the late reply :)
      Apr 5, 2018
  14. Leesea
    Leesea Tinkerman
    Tinkerman, thank you for helping with my problem. Not sure if I explained it correctly but apparently you were able to do the right fix because I am able to read now. I appreciate your help very much.
  15. Leesea
    Leesea Tinkerman
    I haven't been on in a few years yet when I log in everything shows as private and I am unable to read anything. Yet before I logged in I was able to read. Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but looking for some help.
    1. glia21
      I had the same problem about 1-2 weeks ago. What I did was contacting the admin who was online (ChrisR) and he changed a few things - it worked. He wasn´t sure why it had worked but it did.
      Mar 23, 2018
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    2. IrisG.
      I have got the same problem....
      Mar 23, 2018
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  16. Annabell
    I recently had a dream about Anne Frank. I opened the door to Anne's room and she was sitting there with her diary smiling at me.
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    3. Annabell
      What do you mean?
      Mar 18, 2018
    4. bellaDonna09
      i mean in one of your past life did you meet her
      Mar 21, 2018
    5. Annabell
      I don't know that's why I posted this. This was in the annex and I have never been to the Anne Frank house or looked up pictures. I had my dream early March on the 11th close to ,when it is expected, that Anne and Margot died.
      Mar 21, 2018
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  17. Isacosmo
    Summer is on and on...
  18. sansha
    We both have similar birthmarks on our shoulders so we trace them and It made that symbol when put together. when we met “felt I’m in home
  19. AlexD
    There's a swift destiny in us... it always brings us back here.
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    2. bellaDonna09
      lol im feeling that about everythinf right now especially my childhood friend
      Mar 20, 2018
  20. MimiG
    MimiG ElisaD
    hey there, I was reading your post about Mozart and I'm wondering if we knew each other in the past.