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  1. damian robinson
  2. Joey Bryant
    Joey Bryant
    Someone please help me
  3. Joey Bryant
    Joey Bryant
    I want to be born in Australia
  4. Joey Bryant
    Joey Bryant
    I want to be Australian
  5. YouAgain
    YouAgain Julius.Suiluj
    Veni, vidi, I said...aww, who the **** cares? Anybody wanna go get a coffee?
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    2. Julius.Suiluj
      Aug 19, 2018 at 7:53 PM
  6. soulmemory
    In search of inner peace.
  7. LiquidLight
    Past, Present, Future
  8. Julius.Suiluj
  9. KiddyKhat
    to top it off me and audrey are a month apart her birthday is may 4 mine is june 9 :O
  10. Ministargazer
    Ministargazer ChrisR
    Hello Chris, I am back on the forum after seven years absence! In the meantime, my book "Go Back Jack" was published and is available on and Kindle as of 2018. If anyone would like to read an e book version with original colour photos and do a review for me on Amazon, as a new author, I can send it to you. Good to be back!
  11. KiddyKhat
    KiddyKhat Tabitha Chaplin
    oh i beileve to been audrey hepburn nice to meet u
  12. Jupiter 11
    Jupiter 11
    Hi, I 'm looking for advise from people who like me, have past lives memories about ww1.
  13. soulmemory
    Looking for others who had lives in the Copper Age, approx. 4,000 BC in Europe, and had personal contact with so-called "ancient aliens".
  14. joseph moretti
    joseph moretti
    Missing my boy like crazy... can someone please help me find him???
  15. GFY
    When I meditated(about my past life )last year. I didn't see anything, but my heart ran abnormally. Is My past life death a mystery forever?
  16. landsend
    Interested in discussing the Vietnam War with all those who recall. Contact me.
  17. Saponi
  18. Saponi
  19. Zane
    Zane AlexD
    hey if u ever want to talk about stuff related to my first post just send me a message.
  20. GFY
    If I go back to my past life(probably), I will hit Graham young. That life is humiliation..