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Jan 6, 2021
Apr 9, 1997
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Executive Director, Female, from CA - USA

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Feeling sad for fire victims in California. I know so many who have lost everything. Being thankful my family is safe. Horrible situation. Nov 11, 2018

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Jan 6, 2021
    1. Sarra
      Hello. I’ve been reading through your thread about Clara. Did you ever find any documentation for her and her family in a census of freedmans bureau record? Genealogy is a hobby of mine so I’m very curious and I didn’t see you mention it in any posts.
      1. Deborah
        No but have had leads. Slaves lives are so undocumented. It's sad.
        May 6, 2020
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    2. baro-san
      Hi, I would like to remove / close this account, and I can't find out how. Please forward this request to whoever can do that. Thank you.
    3. Lo-Yao
      Hi Deborah, this is Lo-Yao. I am now making a documentary about reincarnation, it's a student project and all the material I record will only be screened in my 8 people class for now. I heard you've been in this forum for a long time and I wonder if you know anyone living in or near LA would possibly be intereted in being filmed?
      1. Lo-Yao
        I am looking for those who have past life experience or those who think they are reincarnation of famous people (no matter it's proven to be real or not). Through this doc, I want to explore and talk about the process of finding and understanding who we are. Please let me know if you have any information. Thank you so sincerely and I look forward to hearing from you.
        Feb 7, 2020
    4. kstornado11
      Wish there were a way to retrieve private messages from years ago!!
    5. Nica1
      Hi Deborah, I can't login anymore. My old profile is: I tried to re-set the password but I don't receive the email with the link to create a new one. So today I have created a new account with a different email address. Could my old account be removed please or, could you send me a link for me to re-set the password.
      1. Tinkerman
        Nica, check your private messages, accounts were merged. ~Tman
        Sep 30, 2019
      2. Deborah
        Sorry for my absence. Thank you Tman! So Nica - is it fixed now?
        Oct 6, 2019
    6. Ophelia3
      Hey Deb, I’m unable to send messages to people, would you be able to help me out please? :) TIA
      1. Deborah
        OK I think I fixed it. I've been away for a few days. Sorry for the delay.
        Jun 5, 2019
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      2. Ophelia3
        Thank you so much! It has been fixed! :)
        Jun 6, 2019
    7. Ritter
      There is no use trying to silence me.
      1. Jim78
        There's smarter ways of going about fighting Ritter. You should have sent that link by pm. Public displays aren't true combat, unless your planning to practise seppuku?
        Mar 3, 2019
    8. Deborah
      Feeling sad for fire victims in California. I know so many who have lost everything. Being thankful my family is safe. Horrible situation.
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      2. Ritter
        Yes, it is horrible. Why does it keep burning in Malibu year after year?
        Nov 11, 2018
    9. Cat1965
      Deb hi,,,there is no "convversation" link to select to have a private convo..?
      1. Deborah
        Conversations are PM's I think. I don't like the title either. Private should be added..
        Sep 21, 2018
    10. Deborah
      This is a PM...they call it conversations or profile posts on this software. Odd I know.
    11. chief1734
      Hi Deborah, I cannot seem to find a way to pm you, how do I do so?
    12. bluedor
      Hi Deborah, I was looking for a way to post my story to see if anyone could give some insight. How do I do this? Thanks!
      1. Deborah
        HI Bluedor, I have made you a senior member so you can post. It seems to be the only way I can get around the glitch in our system. I hope you enjoy the form and I look forward to reading your posts.
        Jul 24, 2018
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      2. bluedor
        Thank you!!
        Jul 24, 2018
    13. Deborah
      OK those of you that have contacted me should be able to have all permissions back. Let me know if my magic didn't work. lololololol
      1. AlexD
        It worked, thank you very much
        May 23, 2018
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    14. Deborah
      If any of you cannot post - LET ME KNOW! I can fix it. One at a time for now.
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      2. View previous comments...
      3. Deborah
        OK I fixed it for you two. You should be able to see and post on the forum now.
        Jun 3, 2018
      4. Aurora H.
        Aurora H.
        I am suddenly unable to post as well!
        Jun 4, 2018
      5. Deborah
        Aurora H. Try now. It should be fixed.
        Jun 5, 2018
    15. Deborah
      Finally - school is over and I have time off. Yeahhhhhhh research and catching up, resting and enjoying this space again.
    16. Healing Wisdom
      Healing Wisdom
      Hi Deborah, I’m unable to make any posts and says it could be a spam post. How do I fix this ? Thanks you!
      1. Deborah
        I will check the back panel. We’ve had glitches the past month. So sorry! I’ll be home in a few hours. Will try
        Apr 13, 2018
    17. cloud potato
      cloud potato
      hello deborah!
      i noticed you replied to my post. i wanted to view but it says i don't have permission to do so.
      i am also trying to share but believe i'm having trouble replying to a thread as well.
      do you know what has happened since i've been gone?

      thank you
      1. Deborah
        Try again - I think I fixed the problem.
        Apr 1, 2018
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    18. Deborah
      Membership is Internationally based. The moderation team too. We volunteer to help make sure the forum is maintained and running smoothly.
    19. Deborah
      The second purpose is to provide a friendly and quality space for serious and personal discussion of reincarnation.
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    20. Deborah
      The purpose of this Forum is to provide a safe, friendly, compassionate, forum for FAMILIES OF CHILDREN EXPERIENCING PL MEMORIES.
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    Home Page:
    CA - USA
    College Professor
    I have taught art at Colombia College, Merced College, San Jose State University, and is a full time Professor at Modesto Junior College in California, USA. I teach Beginning Painting, Advanced Painting, Basic Drawing, Art Appreciation and Color and Design.

    I was also the US representative (1997-99) for the Bevey-Gate International Youth Programme, Heal The World, a project based in Nairobi, Kenya; US representative (1997-99) for the Russian based project Children's Dreams, an international traveling art and concert exhibition; and the officially designated U.S. representative (1996-98) for the organization;Wings Of The World;, an idea which originated in Russia that is intended to bring attention and assistance to the needs of children around the world.

    I draw on my interest in anthropology and the world's spiritual and cultural traditions.
    College Professor - professional artist
    Children's rights, oil and mixed media painting, horse back riding; Studies regarding consciousness, & ancient texts; and my grand kids of course.


    Beneath the Surface - my book - Deborah