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White Owl, I'll look into it and fix things up. ~Tman May 5, 2019

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    1. Tinkerman
      White Owl, I'll look into it and fix things up. ~Tman
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      2. Tinkerman
        Are both accounts yours? I will merge them if so. Thank you, ~Tman
        May 5, 2019
      3. Owl
        Well yes, they are both mine since I couldn't access this one. Lol I guess you didn't believe it was me. I actually wanted them merged last year but I don't remember who I talked to. Owl is my main account, so I would like to keep this username and everything associated with this account, the other one can disappear. Thank you
        May 6, 2019
      4. Tinkerman
        Thanks Owl, I believed you... just double checking; your accounts are now merged. ~T
        May 6, 2019
    2. Owl
      Hello. I'm the real old "Owl" and I wanted to message you to see how I can recover my old account, but with this one I don't seem to have the option to "start a conversation". The email associated with Owl is from 2006 and I lost it a long time ago. Anyway, if you have doubts about my identity you can ask Inhaltslos. Thanks!
    3. Leesea
      Tinkerman, thank you for helping with my problem. Not sure if I explained it correctly but apparently you were able to do the right fix because I am able to read now. I appreciate your help very much.
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    4. Leesea
      I haven't been on in a few years yet when I log in everything shows as private and I am unable to read anything. Yet before I logged in I was able to read. Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but looking for some help.
      1. glia21
        I had the same problem about 1-2 weeks ago. What I did was contacting the admin who was online (ChrisR) and he changed a few things - it worked. He wasn´t sure why it had worked but it did.
        Mar 23, 2018
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      2. IrisG.
        I have got the same problem....
        Mar 23, 2018
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    5. Aliceson Brown
      Aliceson Brown
      Thank you very much
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