3 year old with a vivid past

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    Hello Ukwood, I read the posts about Steven with interest. He sounds a lovely child and you are a very dedicated and loving Mum! I am sure that being so unconditionally loved and actively supported is the most healing experience possible for him after his past life ordeals.

    In thinking over his situation I came upon an idea which I thought might prove to be helpful if he were to be triggered again. By that I mean his projecting of his general fear (originating in his past life) upon comparatively harmless people and situations in his present life.

    I am just a lay person, so I might not explain this too well, but here goes … There is a healing method called Inner Child Therapy which adults usually undertake to heal psychological problems originating in their childhood (of their present life). I was reflecting that your description of Steven’s behaviour sounds like what a therapist would call having internalised the horrible parents of his past life. (That basically means that they are not physically there but their poisonous behaviour invaded the child’s mind and a kind of “ghost” version of the parent continues to exist within the child’s mind.)

    In present lives this happens to many people who grew up having experienced insufficient parenting and although the parents may even be dead, their painful behaviour becomes internalised during childhood and is then often projected upon others into adulthood. You then need the help of a psychotherapist – and possibly one specialising in Inner Child Therapy – in order to free yourself of the internalised parent.

    In thinking about Steven, I wondered if something along the lines of Inner Child therapy might help him be able to release those internalised parents and free himself of his fear and sense of powerlessness. There are surely IC therapists who also believe in re-incarnation and I personally can’t see that it really matters in the end if the parents are from another life or this one, because at least the way I understand the therapy, it is the feelings which are still alive within oneself and causing the bother.

    I would like to hope that Steven’s awful memories just fade away, but in case he is still sometimes plagued I wanted to pass on my thoughts.
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    Hmm.. that's really sad what your son is going through.. Maybe he is bad dreams..?
    Keep talking to him always and make him positive minded.
    Hugs and prayers.

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