4 year old with vivid dreams of my death

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    Hello, I’m the mother of a four year old. When she was three, she told me in ‘our past life’ I was her baby and she was my mummy. She wakes with night terrors, they are particularly bad and more frequent around the waxing and waning of the moon. She tells me that they are always of me dying. Sometimes I’m eaten by a snake, sometimes I die in a car accident, but she has this concept of loss and grief and death I can only assume come from a life previous. She will cry out in her sleep, shake, kick and sob with tears when she has these dreams. I am looking for the best way to support her through this. Any help appreciated.
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    When my eldest son started talking about his own death in a former life, he was in a panic every time again. No nightmares (as far as I know) but he relived it over and over again. I knew about reincarnation but this was the first time I was confronted with raw emotions of it. I didn't know what to do, except for giving him a safe space to express himself over and over again. Slowly it faded and became less painful until the moment he declared it had all been just a story.
    In your case, I would do the same. Give her a safe space to express her loss of her child. While doing that I would focus (without words) on the bond between the two of you on a soul level. So hopefully she will reach the point that she realizes that the past is gone but without real loss because the two of you found each other again.

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