A good way to recall names ?

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    Hi there everyone !

    Does anyone know a good way to recall names - that is past life name, others that were in the past life names, names of city etc - during a past life meditation ?

    This is the part that is so difficult for me. I see things, I can register the meaning of a conversation, but getting hold of names is incredibly hard for me.

    In my own life I am so terrible with remembering names. Have always been like this. I have for instance two of my co-workers and I mix them up all the time. I forget the names of cities I have been to. I am the same with dates. I have missed birthdays and so on. I have friends that are much better at this than I am. Almost anyone is better at this than I am. Then again I am more "gifted" to remember words in conversations (but not names...) but I think it is because it has hold a lot of emotion.

    Does anyone have any good advice ? Any meditation that worked for you in pulling out the names ?

    I have experienced several past lives and although I have narrowed it down to cities and so on, I still have no names so I can't search on the people.

    How do you do to get the names ?

    Would truly appreciate your help.


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