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    I dreamed it was around 2,000 years ago and I lived in ancient Israel. I was so happy. I was at an open-air marketplace which is ironic because in this lifetime I have severe agoraphobia which translates as "fear of the marketplace" and am terrified at the grocery store.

    I cried "Jewish or Christian, I don't care, jut let me live back then!" There was a bus chasing me through the marketplace which I was supposed to get on and which would wake me up and take me back to the present lifetime. (lol, not all aspects of our PL dreams are literal.)

    It was nice to go back to a happy lifetime.
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    The happy ones are always a nice break.

    The only happy one I've seen was in India a few centuries ago. I got to spend my time meandering around Asia as a spice trader and exploring different countries. My death kind of sucked, but that was genuinely a happy life for what it was worth.

    Can I ask what the open air Israeli market was like? That sounds fascinating.
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    My happy past life (well one of them) was Ancient Egypt when I was a Queen in the 18th Dynasty. Discovering that past life brought me so much joy. I often say to my Guides “Take me back to Egypt!! When life was simple!”

    There is sometimes not a day where I long for that lifetime again so I go and sit in my local museum’s Ancient Egyptian room ( what makes it this more cool is that they have one of the pylons from a temple in my Pharoah PL too)

    Open-air markets are such fun. The life and colour is endless. :) I remember Ipet-sut (Karnak) and Ipet-resyt (Luxor) Temples with such colour and fondness.

    Eva x
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    I had a dream on April 14th 2019. I was in a house. I looked out a glass door and saw three white roses? on a tall bush? Then I saw myself at my old school sitting at a table listening to Greensleeves on an iPod. It was VERY EXTREMELY windy in the dream. Then I went into my old school and went back in time to like the middle ages? I saw myself as a female wearing a green dress. I am positive it was green, and I saw a gatehouse to a castle? The gown I was wearing was a Burgundian gown. I also saw a lake in the dream as well but it was clear. It was rather vague but i'm pretty sure it was a lake. I think I saw my reflection in the water. but again it was vague and it looked like a shadow so i could not make out my facial features. I saw myself as short, I think? And thin? I have no idea if it was a past life dream to be honest.

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