A new paper conerning my past-life authorship of "The Raven"

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    I have just released a scholarly paper entitled "Evidence that Edgar Allan Poe Stole 'The Raven' from Mathew Franklin Whittier." I have verified Mathew Franklin Whittier as my 19th-century incarnation. The paper is downloadable directly from my server at the following link:


    Or, it can be accessed by searching on the title or on my name in Academia.edu. The direct link should be safe because I run the full paid tier of Malwarebytes.

    It's a long paper but it includes quite a bit of objective evidence. I will discuss it with anyone who has first read the entire paper with an open mind, and who evinces their open-mindedness in their comments. Because my previous post concerning "A Christmas Carol" was frozen for being contentious, I will not be responding at all to anyone who is argumentative or disrespectful. Hopefully, the moderators will not see fit to freeze a thread merely because the people commenting are contentious.
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    Hi Ssake,

    Did they pull the prior thread for review? I don't see it at the moment (but maybe I am looking in the wrong places). So, if you have a direct link to the thread, please let me know how to get there.


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