A theory I have been exploring

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    A theory I have been exploring. Darn typos

    Sorry if this is kinda long but it is very involved.

    Let me begin by saying just about 5 years ago I was fortunate enough to find a woman that truly completed me, possibly was my twin flame hard to really distinguish. Unfortunately she passed away 6 months ago next to me in bed. We had a very unique and dynamic relationship she was a great intellectual person am I to be used to explore Existential subjects, it was just kind of our thing. Neither of us would truly want to live this life without the other and the amount of grief that I have experienced since her loss has beenextremely painful and profound. I truly understand why spouses die within months of each other. At Times I have felt like giving up and checking out myself. This did however spark my spiritual awakening and I'm sure that that was the reason as I feel there had to be a reason and there are no coincidences in life. Then one day here very recently I happen to be on the dating app where I met my love. Just poking around with no real purpose and stumbled across this woman. Here is where it gets interesting.
    The similarities are craz . She is also 33 yrs old. She is named Jessica as well her birthday is a few months later than the original jess. When I met my jess I was married and in a relationship that was imploding. The new jess is married and hers in falling apart. Yin and yang you know. Then it gets even more interesting. Her husband has the same birthday as my jess. They both smoke the same cigarettes. Both communicate via music and though I havent met this new girl in person I have a strong draw towards her. Since I met her my grief has lifted considerably maybe it's all in my head. Seeing things that I want to see etc. I'm not sure yet.
    The idea that run through my head was this;

    The 2nd or 3rd day I met her she was asking about my jess and if her naked was Jessica also and her birthday. She didnt volunteer her name at that point yet. That night I started putting together the dots and the synchronizities while I was in bed half sleeping. A thought hit me. "If her name is jessica what would that actually mean?" Sure enough the next day I asked her name and sure enough it was indeed Jessica. I felt this wave of releif wash over me. So here it I'd and I would love to discuss this idea in depth.
    Since there is no time across the veil she could have reincarnated again at a date that would have brought her spirit embodied back into my life so I wouldn't have to be without her. It may sound like reaching however if you knew our relationship, it really is something that we would do...

    Any thought?
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    i'm sorry for your loss, it is very difficult thing to process and understand. i am happy grief is slowly being lifted and you are making connections, realizations.

    welcome to the forums!
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    Hello Hmwilcox,

    I am̀ too really sorry for your loss. Because this is such a sensitive matter and me prefering to be analytical, I would suggest to ask yourself first, how much information you gave about yourself on the dating app.
    I do not mean to say her reply to you wasńt true- but there is always a possibility.

    I mean you naturally are lookin forward to meet her face to face because she reminds you of the love of your life. And I think you should definitly meet her. But you also should be cautious of your expectations. I feel you need a lighter approach, to avoid the danger of beeing hurt.

    If there is indeed some kind of pl-connection between her and your late love, it would also include her husband and you. It could be a case of splintered soul or maybe a soulgroup. (I am not entirely convinced about the idea of rebitrh or at least rebirth with mantaining consirably charactertraits/ or themes of former incarnations).

    Bottom line is, I feel you should, in the end, try to keep on going/ to move on, which doesnt mean to forget.

    sincerly Dot
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