About little things from the past into the present time ?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Jaimie, Nov 9, 2019.

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    Feb 28, 2019
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    Hi !

    Just the other day it strike me that I have unconsciously brought a little thing with me from my past life. That is me being used to people going in and out of my life (traveling, work) without me reacting to it. I was familiar with show biz in my past life and use to that people would go away for weeks, months and then be back in my life again. My hubby has reacted that each time he goes away I am quite indifferent, which I really am not, I just don't think there is anything strange about it. So that is one little thing.

    Do you have anything from the past that one unconsciously has taken with you, and then come and think of it and go OK, it's because of this or that ?

    Have a good weekend everyone !

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  2. Shiriya

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    Jun 24, 2018
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    Orlando, FL
    Being born into the US when many of my incarnations resided in the east, I have a tendency referring to this country as "the West", scratching my head with how they go about life, cook, shop, maintain hygiene, interactions being so casual rather than civil and stressed, since I've been so accustomed to ways of life bleeding through from eastern countries (China, Korea, Japan). Another thing would be feeling naked without a sheathed blade beside my hip, or anything in my hands that isn't a weapon, sake cup, or reins of a horse (even the phantom feeling of riding a galloping horse). A bad habit is stressing not keeping simple promises such as meeting up with friends or feeling I've failed those close to me for not returning debts/favors when many instances aren't dire life-threatening situations. One other is controlling my anger or temper when having misunderstandings taking offense with how people of the West make jokes I'm completely not familiar with...or really can't seem to wrap my head around trying to understand. I don't get many things here to be honest.

    Ever since being born in the states, I've always grew up feeling like a lost foreigner looking for things that remind them of home. But realize, my soul chose another environment to grow and enjoy many free opportunities trying new things and starting anew. To really live life retaining innocence and to stop taking it so seriously.
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  3. Klaud

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    Jan 14, 2019
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    I got super used to walking everywhere or riding a horse that I honestly don't mind walking to places now, within reason of course. It's not always safe for me to do that now though; unlike a few of my former selves, I'm not built like a tank lol.

    I actually find it a little odd that people don't walk more often. It's so relaxing!
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  4. KenJ

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    Aug 21, 2014
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    SW Ohio, USA
    I certainly miss it, fond memories.
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  5. Dana

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    Jul 5, 2019
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    Same. But in my case, I feel bare when I'm not holding a gun or rifle, although at one point I did get to touch a gun (I held it without my uncle knowing since it belonged to him) when I was seven years old. The feeling of holding it was familiar, and whenever I think of that moment when I grabbed it, there's that phantom feeling reeling in my hands.
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  6. Petrichor

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    Nov 23, 2019
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    I have memories or at least a hunch for several past lives before much technology, and I've always thought that maybe I'm so slow to accept all new technology these days, compared to other millennials, because I'm used to living in times and places where new things don't just pop up everyday, times when my parents and grandparents had pretty much lived the same childhood as I did, when it comes to everyday equipment and stuff. I'm not averse to new developments, I come around eventually, it just always feels like, what, I just got used to this device or app and now I have to go through the learning process again if I want to stay caught up with what everyone else is doing? I remember this happening since early childhood, like when VCR changed to DVD. My siblings were all like "so cool how does this new thing work" while I was like... why? I seemed to lack that enthusiasm that was typical for other children. I have reasons to believe that this is my first remotely modern lifetime, so maybe that's the reason behind this trait. I seem to resemble older generations more than my own.

    In my last lifetime I had a lot of fantasies and aspirations, things I wanted to do and be but couldn't because of my circumstances, and definitely carried those aspirations to this lifetime. But the thing is, I've had kind of a hard time adjusting to the fact that now that I can pretty much do what I want, many of those things aren't the same anymore. The job description of many professions has changed significantly, life everywhere is so much "faster" and more complicated, especially in the job market. That's why I will never laugh at anyone's "first world problems" because the stress characteristic of this day and age is definitely something new and killing people slowly as surely as a plague. Um, sorry, I got a bit off-topic there, ignore me if you will. My point is that I seem to have carried a lot of expectations from my past life and the reality is that a lot of what I wanted, just doesn't really exist anymore. (But oh well, it's life, you always win some and lose some.)
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  7. Hechicera

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    Dec 5, 2019
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    I realized that I have a lot of traces of the Japanese culture. Here in occident a lot of people consider it like shyness but is only that I take my time.
    One day I saw a video about a couple complaining about Japanese culture and at that moment I realize they were describing me.

    I also had two dreams, the first one I was going to marry a man, everything was settle on but at the last minute we decided not. His mother thought I was not worthy for that position.

    And the second one, it was me at my actual time, a ghost/the dead was guiding me through an orphanage used during 2nd war. He showed me where the kids were hold and punished... when I woke up, I was a little surprised because I have never thought about Japan during the war, history classes only teach about Germany, US and the other countries are not highlighted.

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