Am I possibly a new soul?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Wishhhhh, Aug 9, 2018.

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    Hello! I haven't been on this site much! I got grounded :p

    Anyways, I was just wondering, but am I possibly a new soul? I can't remember my past lifes at all and no countly really seems familar to me. I mean, I do have this recurring dream of jumping off a cliff--but I don't know if that really can lead to how I died in my past life. There was also this very visual dream that took place in a war. I was right beside a small hill, helping the ones that got injured. There were soldiers walking around, peacefully until an old man around his 60's ( he was on top of the hill ) got shot. I instantly ran up to him to see if he was okay but then I heard the sounds of an airplane ( the ones back then with weapons ) I just stood there, looking at it. Then, I got shot right on the head. I remember drifting away from myself--my body in the dream. I honestly can't remember what I look like in that dream. It was so visual/real that I remembered it.

    I also have this fond about horse carriage and those aura of days where the only thing you can go to places is on a horse. I also like when women wore dresses and when men wore suits out in public. That time period. I honestly wish that the society right now can go back to that time period when technology wasn't as much. That could just be my opinion on today's society. But could that possibly lead to more?

    Could that lead to my past life? Scrolling through the threads and seeing how people can remember bits of their past lifes makes me jealous:p I really wish I could remember my past lifes but all I can do now is hope that I remember this life.

    Good day!
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    I would suggest seeing a hypnotherapist and having a past life regression. That is how I am able to remember what I can of my past life. There are also guided past life regressions on YouTube that could help but I haven't had as much success with those as having a past life regression with a hypnotherapist.
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    Well even new soul is still probably much older than anyone can realize and chances are that things are locked up which is common so no biggie there, you can try to open the box with a regression. Souls with new car smell must be rare ;)
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    If you were not really experienced, the dream might be related to your past life, I think.
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