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    Thank you Carolyn.. Do you see especially though how it is true that we have periods in our development in life where we are really in the dark as to what to do? That crawling baby has got to know that it is the same sort of creature as mummy. but how the heck do you get upright and make those neat sounds to talk to daddy? There are other periods where that occurs too, and I think every single human who is now on their awakening path has just arrived at the biggest one of all..

    Hmm, merged and eaten and split..

    Losing the sense of self, from a here and now point of view, is terrifying to contemplate, it is death of a different kind. But we came from an original state of oneness, and may return eventually to that state it is said. I doubt that it is in any way unpleasant. The state of oneness means identification of self and in complete association with everything else: not one, not two, I am me, you are you, but we are the same.. Different people may get different takes on merging, but that is ultimate mergine: the state of oneness..

    Being split off: I am not a happy camper at all with the idea that I just go from one life to the next pretty much blind to any previous life, even if in the time in between we can remember those past lives. It seems dammed unfair, and not very efficient. I prefer to feel that we are indeed split off, that part remains behind as another part splits off and enter new life. In this way the "I" of this particular "ME" will continue to exist beyond life as itself. This seems to be what Monroe experienced, by the way.. Please see also my postings in the Regressions thread...

    Being eaten: Now the Bible has been played around with a great deal, and I seriously doubt the words of Jesus somehow escaped also being played with, but in several places Jesus is quoted as saying that at the end the just shall all be drawn up with him in one body.. Let us not get into a discussion on theology or biblical interpretation, but one can easily see in that quote something that might be interpreted as being eaten.. Hmmm, in the state of oneness you are merged, or eaten if you like, absorbed into the Light itself. Jesus is called the Light, and he is, as are we all, but currently separated from it by the illusion of individualness imparted by thus dualistic physical realm..

    Read Robert Monroe, read OBE guru William Buhlman, and read in particular Ken Ring's crowning work on NDE, "Lessons From The Light". Those who have not will find many insights in these that help one find plausible answers.


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    Hi Maarijk,

    Sorry I've taken so long in responding. My reading list is getting too long! But I'll definitely take note of the authors you spoke of, and I look forward to reading their work. Thanks for the comments, and the direction. Be well.

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    I just found this page! It's awesome to find other like-minded folks!
    My husband subscribes to the melting pot theory (his own) that when we die, our souls blend with others to create new souls. He takes this from nature where, when an organism dies, it's molecules disperse and are taken up into other growing organisms. I don't agree with him, but I find it interesting that we might, by choice, combine or share with kindred spirits, even animals. This might, for me, explain individual strong bonds with, or affinity or empathy for a particular type of animal.
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    Brenda, your post got me thinking about something. We often notice personality traits in people that remind us of others who have passed away. In my own experiences, there have been things that I've observed as traits from different individuals, as opposed to just one. I've often thought "so and so is watching over you". But maybe it's more like, so and so is a part of you.

    I thought a lot about reincarnation, and the idea of "me" coming back over and over again to different lives. And even though I have experienced a past life regression where I clearly saw one life from the past, I couldn't be sure if it was my life of not. I thought and thought about it, and one day the answer came to me loud and clear. This was my original post, that we merge when we come back. It wasn't a concept I had thought out, but what "at least felt like to me" a flash of intuition, which now makes sense to me.

    I like both your theory, and your husbands. I haven't thought of it in terms of nature, like your husband has, but really that is a lovely concept. For me, the idea of kindred spirits joining together is what I've thought about.

    I haven't checked in for a while, and it was nice to find your post.


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