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    I usually snore my way through pl regression meditations found on you tube, and am starting to think I am hopeless at it when I just recently had a weird experience. I felt and saw the presence of another, looked like male figure just standing there on my right side of the double bed, the one closest to him being empty (as this is my husband's side). I did not know who he was, then I saw my own body in bed (scary), there was this silence on the tape. It was as if I had decided to break a rule, not waiting for the next order or question. Then I thought no, no, no in a panic - get back there - and tried to imagine going back to the body, and somehow I did, tore my eyes open - stared at my right side where I had earlier seen the man - now, no one there - and I ran like a little girl out of the room before catching my breath downstairs. Now I don't know if my imagination is playing tricks on me or what is going on. It is a bit embarrassing. Now I am afraid to try it again. This is just not working for me; and I am like frantic in my mind, like who was that man? And why was he just standing there - it was like a freaking B-horror movie or something? Why was I experiencing leaving my body - I was not suppose to do that, I thought oh, no - now I'm dying when being drawn up to the ceiling just like I experienced it happening when I died in the 1970's.
    I would love advice on this one, any you tube regressions/meditations you can recommend that works for you or perhaps self meditation? Any other advice? (Sorry if all of this sounds too weird)
    /Li La
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    I'd suggest, firstly, don't be afraid of what happened. It sounds as though you had an out of body experience (OOBE or OBE). This doesn't mean you were dying, it may just happen when you are in a deep meditation. It's quite normal, though some people find it happens more readily than others. It has been documented by many people, such as Robert Monroe and Jurgen Ziewe, to name but two from a long list. You may think of this as a way of exploration, but not only in relation to past lives.

    I've not tried this recently, when I did, the biggest difficulty I found was in remaining 'out', I found myself being pulled back into the body before I'd had much of a chance to begin to look around.

    In your own case, I don't know who was the other figure you saw - maybe it was related to your regression meditation, perhaps this was a guide, or someone related to you in a past life, or even maybe an aspect of yourself.
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    Thank you for answering. I thought it could be a ghost! : ( A guide is a good thing I suppose, not that I have encounter someone before - is that like a guardian angel of some kind? Can anyone be a guide? Like a family member that has passed away? My brother once needed surprisingly serious help at his apartment and I had this strange feeling and came over to him and he was really ill, he then told me - and he was not religious - when I called the ambulance that there had been and was an angel in the room and this angel told him that his sister was on her way, that help was coming. It was later just dismissed as him needing to get to hospital and was freaked out and hallucinating, but his words has stayed with me. When I saw him at the hospital he said the angel had gone away but that he had been terrified that the angel would take him with him (that is that my brother would die). Later he just laughed at the entire thing and we have not talked about it since.

    Maybe I feel more safe if I do self meditation but I don't know how it works? Or can you recommend something from youtube? Or a book I should read? Just so I will feel more safe?

    Thanks in advance :)
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    I have heard from multiple sources that say that it works that way; spirits that have shared an association in the current lifetime and other spirits that maybe were even earlier "family".
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    Hi Li. La.,

    As people have said, it appears you had a brief OOBE. It is hard to know who was beside your bed. You experienced some intense fear, but that seems to have just been your reaction to finding a strange "man" standing beside your bed. You have not reported anything indicating hostile action, a hostile attitude, or even a hostile "aura" of some kind. So, there is nothing that we can use to judge from either your reactions or this persons actions. One thing to bear in mind, however, in OOBE situations, physical walls and boundaries mean nothing. Also, someone you see may be in an altered dream-like state of consciousness, and not even aware of violating someone's privacy. Often they may be drawn to a particular person because of emotional ties, so it could be someone close to you, even someone you love. OTOH, it could have been almost anyone that has been mentioned up to this point


    PS--The reason the tape went "silent" might be because you were out of the body and no longer hearing it.
    PPS--There is a thread dedicated to astral travel and etc. Eowyn, who has a lot of posts on that thread, has a lot more expertise in this area, so you might want to PM her on the matter.
    PPPS--Some people have good success from a regression standpoint using Tibetan bells, binaural audio tapes, etc. rather than going through a regression sequence. So, that is also something you could try.
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