Any experiences with pet reincarnation?

Discussion in 'Members Lounge' started by Susan, Nov 25, 2014.

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    I had a black bunny named Lucy for years. She was a "queen" rabbit and was mean as sin. That didn't bother me. I find the queens very entertaining, except when you have to clip their nails. One day, after Lucy died, there was a black bunny running around free outside of the place where I worked, which was in a residential neighborhood. Knowing her chances of survival weren't good, we caught her and I took her home. She looked just like Lucy, but her personality was totally the opposite--she was as sweet as pie and loved cuddling up next to me on the bed. I had no interest in getting another rabbit, and was going to find her a home. One night, though, when I was watching TV while lying on my bed, with the new bunny next to me and my arm around her, I decided to keep her. The minute I decided to keep her, the new bunny bit me hard on the arm and leaped off the bed! She then proceeded to act like a queen rabbit for the rest of her life, just like Lucy. I am not joking. I, of course, named her LucyToo.
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    Maybe it was a bunny possession? :D
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    I haven't had any personal experience, but if anyone is familiar with the medium George Anderson, he claims when he went to look at cats one of them "said" to him something like "boy am I glad to see you again!" Naturally he adopted her.

    I definitely believe it's possible.

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