Any experiences with pet reincarnation?

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    I am a spiritual person. I do believe the animal soul and the human soul are the same except human souls latent tendency are far more advanced than that of animals' souls due to human souls' past life experiences. Whenever animal souls get involved with human souls, we are giving them chances or more experiences to evolve into the next level of souls evolution. So that animal souls can be reincarnated into human souls.

    My animal's reincarnation experience;

    I am fond of cats. Once I had eight cats at a time. Some are affectionate; some are just ok. One time, 2 kittens died one after another. I was sad. But I know they are ok. after their death, I had a weird dream early morning, I saw two persons who are very much familiar to me, but I don't know who they are. Most likely, they are my relatives who already died. One them asked me, "where did these two kittens come from. What are they doing here?". Then my dream vanished. Then I woke up. Prayed to them to take care of them good, if possible, send them back to me.
    Miraculously one of my other cats become pregnant and Gave birth to 2 kittens with similar behavior of the dead kittens.

    SO, what I believe is even if your pet dies, it won't go away. Your pet spirit hangs around you and waiting for you, along with your deceased family relatives, or they will come to you in another form immediately, or after some time. I love cats.
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