Anyone else with present life spooky alike past?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Jaimie, Jun 12, 2019.

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    Hi !

    Since I began having flashbacks of a highly possible past life ( and I have found her identity but it took me years + tons of proofs to convince myself somewhat that it could have been me, I don't want to have been her ) I began to notice the familiarity to our lives. It was almost mirrored. The big difference was that I made different decisions, wrong or right so be it.

    In that past life the person I think I could have been died young and so the majority of her soul group lived on.

    In my own life people that resembled her soul group members came into my life. Her mother was still alive but my mother was like her. I even fell in love with someone who in her past life resembled a great love but because I was so shy I did not dare to get together with him even if he did try in all sorts of ways. Her heart had also been broken by him so that could have been a warning sign why I did not dare to.

    I have only identified for sure 2 people/souls/spirits from the past life to be in my present. The rest is "copies". Strange thing some of them has appear in my life around the same age that she was in too when they showed up.

    One of the real ones have many memories of the past life and shared memories. The other I don't know. I have never asked, but I know who he was.

    Has this happen to you or someone else you know and what should one think about all this ?

    Thanks :)

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    Hi Jaimie!

    My life is not a mirror of my past life, but, I am realizing that if my parents and I had made other decisions, my life would be very similar to my previous life.

    Now I'm going through horrible times, and I don't want to make a decision that could affect me again. My mind is still weak and my friends keep telling me that I should do a band with them. My head says "You have to heal. Stop wanting to repeat the same pattern." I know, because my friends have another band and they drink a lot of alcohol. If I am too influenceable, I can fall into the same pattern of my past life.

    Luckily, I decided to keep my current job. My parents decided to divorce when I turned eighteen. Imagine if they had decided to divorce when I was ten! With my mind in chaos, my decisions would have been very similar to my previous life.

    So, yes, my life is very similar, but with the difference that I am a woman. A school friend was identical (physically and emotionally) to a friend I had at school in my past life. I don't know if it's a copied soul or the same soul but divided to meet me again. Doubts, doubts, doubts.
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    Nothing like you described, but kind of. Only my most recent Native American PL had a noticeable commonality to my life now. A lot of the same themes, same soul group, life lessons, etc.

    I've found myself repeating some of the mistakes my past selves had made, but hindsight makes a big difference in realizing that we're even doing it and being able to learn from said poor choices.

    It's easy to repeat those patterns.
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    Hi Thyme ! It is kind of spooky right that this is the way it is for you ? The way I remember dying in that past life it was not natural. I have thought if I died before I was suppose to and maybe that is the reason why I have re-live this life with so many similarities ? I wonder if how one dies could have anything to do with it.

    I'm sorry you're going through such tough times now and hope everything work out for you.

    One of the souls I recognize from the past life was back then a charming playboy who drank and partied too much. I got flashbacks of him playing a guitar somewhere and having a piano over at his place where he also played. I could tell he was good to one of her children. That he really was underneath his image a good guy. One of my flashbacks was her telling him at a restaurant where they were seated with a lot of other people, friends, as a joke to take it easy with the booze but she realized it was no laughing matter because he turned unpleasant to her with one sentence. That was all it took for her. She got up and left and he followed.

    I could tell she was worried about the way he drank but it was as if no one else told him and she could not just be close to him and just watch it happen.

    Many years after I had these flashbacks and had found her - I found him. He was not easy to find. He had mostly lived in 2 countries in Europe. He had been an entertainer, playing the guitar, making his own songs, when I finally got hold of his memoir which was only an old and limited edition written not long before his passing and translated it she was in it, her child was in it as he wrote of a moment when he had spotted her on the beach with her child after having lost track on where she had been for a while. I don't think anyone ever said he was an alcoholic but from what I have been able to tell it came with the life style.

    This time around he says he never drinks, instead of having many women in his life he has only one that he adores, his wife of many years :)

    He is still one of the funniest people I know and we've had some good laughs. Back in the past life we used to be childhood friends and there was this picture of them later in life when they laughed their heads off :)

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    I've actively tried to not be my past self, anything regarding my past self caused me utmost fear. Yet despite that when I look at the bare facts can see many resonances:

    - Was talented at running
    - We both married young, in Catholic institution.
    - Had a child before marriage (his first kid was conceived out of wedlock, so was mine)
    - Partners family caused me problem in both lives
    - Physical similarities between our marital partners despite different genders
    - First child was born 'abroad' in European country
    - We had three kids. Wasn't planned in my case, probably wasn't in his either.
    - Some regret at having kids so young.
    - Our mothers are so similar am convinced she is the reincarnation of his mother -- they have the same appearance, same wedding anniversary, same talent for floral arranging (which is noted in newspapers)
    - I was born on the day he graduated as an officer (Oct 29th) -- this date was important to him, even more so than his birthdate.
    - Every year got severely depressed on his birthday in December. My past memories appeared around his birthday. He left for Vietnam final time in December.
    - When I got married, I had to have a car which was red/white and from the 'past'. It wasn't exactly like my past selves car, which I knew (didn't want anything like that), but the colour of it was enough. Recall that on his wedding day they used his car as a getaway car which was the same colours -- red and white.
    - Physical resemblances

    Probably there are more but can not think right now. Other things that have happened is I've deliberately chosen the opposite choices to him in order to actively avoid triggers/memories. Have chosen a peaceful life away from America, for instance. Avoided anything military orientated.

    Also want to add that I felt such a guilt for some of my past selves actions (subconsciously or otherwise), that I've made some decisions, at times as a punishment just to 'make up' for it. One example is that I've been the sole carer for my kiddos whilst they are young, gave up a career for it which I didn't in truth need to do but felt this need to repay a debt. That's in stark contrast to a man who ran away from his family half the time, and was hardly present. Army was first, everything else after. This life my kids come first, everything else after. That's not been easy for me as looking after kids full time doesn't give me pleasure or fulfilment the way it does for some folks. I've had to be humble and re-organise my thoughts on what's important in life. One thing that cropped up for me time and time again was these are my kids, my responsibility -- not anyone else's to watch or care for them while they're young.
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