Are you a Christian who believes in reincarnation?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation, Religion and Spirituality' started by MobiusX, Jan 8, 2011.

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    thank you gaetan, sorry for my late reply, i found your post interesting.
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    I've always been a Christian, never even thought about a conflict of interests with reincarnation!
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    Hi Gaetan,

    I skimmed it when you first posted it. I am going back to read through it more carefully now.

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    It is my understand that originally the concept of reincarnation was well known during the time of Christ and was during the first few hundred years after his death as it was taught and was originally a part of the bible. However it was taken out by the Roman emperor Constantine the Great around 325 AD. The church back then was the center of all life and government wanted the concept removed and edited out of the bible as the church saw that having knowledge of the souls pre existence would give the masses more control over their destiny and lives. Where by editing this out of scripture and instead having the general public going thru the church as the spokes person to ask god’s forgiveness of sin gave the church more power and control over the masses.

    Had the concept of reincarnation and karma been kept in the bible Christianity today as we know it would have been a far different spiritual path. Many Christians today have no knowledge of this now as the bibles that are in circulations today have these spiritual concepts edited out of them.

    However the phrase what you sow; so shall you reap is still in the bible; (guess they missed this one) and this is karma law in action.

    To answer your question. As a child I grew up Baptist. However I question everything the church taught me. I left the church at the age of 13. For a while I became an agnostic. What made me a believer was when I became a young adult I had a heart attack due to a genetic defect within my heart valve. During that episode I had an NDE and was out of the body and experienced for a brief while what you term as cosmic consciousness. It was reveled to me that I had lived before on the earth many, many times and that the whole human race does as well. After I recovered from my heart attack I started having on again off again OBE's randomly. I believe this was triggered by my NDE. Over the years I learned thru both experience and learning through others like me had similar experiences through out the world and also in recorded history. So now I have no doubt in my mind that the process of reincarnation is real and apart of the natural process of nature itself. I personally view it as the evolution of consciousness (the soul if you will) in spiritual unfoldment and maturity over time as we understand it as human beings.

    Hope this helps some.

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