Are you able to create a list of your PLs?

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    Argonne, now as for your question, Yes I have seen that video and all I will say is 'Very Interesting'! But more then that as for that life and how I died, is that some years had a real flashback when one of the very few times I passed thru San Francisco. It seems I had a real Deja Vu and everything as for the surroundings and such. Yes the city had so changed but how similar it was also it seemed. Plus also the in depth interest I have had it seems in this life with earthquakes and such. I have still quite afew questions as regarding this life. In several of the more recent past lives, do know the names that have had and eeven have come across photos of my former self. But in this life as a gold prospector, the name of myself in this life eludes. One thing that did come to me in the flashback was at the time was depressed and was wanting something more in life then what the city and such was offering. So what has come to me is that no wonder in the next life that I went in such a different direction it seems. For what it is worth. Wishing You the Best!
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    Southern Calif.
    18th dynasty Egypt - Female, member of the royal family. Died young due to disease

    Roman Empire, 1st century CE - male, in the Roman Legions. Persia and Judea Wars, but did not die in them.

    Roman Empire , early 300's CE - Female. Died during the the Great Persecution of Christians, which lasted from 303 to 312/313 CE.s

    England, 14th century - Male, Franciscan Monk - illustrator?.

    North/Central American CE 250–900- Female, Mayan and High ranking.

    North America, about 300 years ago- Female, member of a tribe somewhere in the Carolinas.

    England and Colonial US 1750's to 1790's - Male, print shop work, friend to Ben Franklin.

    US - Victorian Era (late 1800's) - Female, Wife, Mother.

    USA -England – Europe - WWII, Male, gunner on a B-17. Shot down and died over Europe.

    Current Life - female, USA


    Paleolithic - Spain/France - child assisting in painting a cave. Culture is probably Magdalenian .

    1840's - 1850's - Male sailor on a Clipper ship.

    Middle ages Europe - Male, yoman, archer in an army. No clue about location or specific dates.
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    I'm sure I've had many lives but I've only had dreams about these three.

    • A slave girl. I was about 6 years old and I was on a huge boat. I was with a bunch of kids around my age and were were all naked. We were on the boat traveling from Africa to what I heard was the Caribbean. It was extremely cramped. The boat ended up sinking and we all drowned.
    • Civil War soldier. I was blonde with a mustache. Died in battle, trying to move my friends body who was fatally shot in the chest, I got shot on my right leg and I'm pretty sure I bled to death.
    • Some kind of prisoner. My most confusing life. My family and I were taken prisoners. I'm not sure why, by who or where. Died trying to escape (still trying to figure this one out.)

    Love this thread :)
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    West Coast of North America where Winter seems to
    Known Past Lives

    These only represent the lives I remember, or the lives I have been allowed to remember. I do have memories of earlier lives, but these are not as vivid as the those lives from 745AD onward.

    Born: 745 AD (?)

    Died: ?

    Sex: Male

    Nationality: Chinese

    Notes: Soldier/Officer/Diplomat at remote trading town on border between China and Mongolia during mid-Tang Dynasty. This was an important position recorded by both Chinese and Mongolian historians. It lasted only 18 years, but I brought peace between Mongolia and China during a difficult time.

    Born: 1079 AD (?)

    Died: ?

    Sex: Male

    Nationality: Flemish

    Notes: Fought at the siege of Jerusalem 1099; knighted after the Battle of Ascalon. Served in castle/fort garrisons. This life brought back memories and feelings of regret. Not from what I did, but from what I witnessed. I still feel the pain of relying on those who do not keep their word and those who are not true to themselves.

    Born: 1318 AD (?)

    Died: 1340 AD ?

    Sex: Male

    Nationality: English/Burgundian

    Notes: A sailor on cargo ships. May have been at the Battle of Sluys, 1340 AD. Drowned (still have slight fear of being on ships at sea).

    Born: 1400 AD (?)

    Died: ?

    Sex: Female

    Nationality: Scandinavian (?)

    Notes: Did not serve in the military. Servant in wealthy family or was born into a wealthy family and took care of two younger brothers. This seemed to have been a happy life. No telling how it ended.

    Born: 1630 AD (?)

    Died: ?

    Sex: Male

    Nationality: Irish

    Notes: Soldier. Fought the English in Western Ireland. Took English pardon to leave Ireland; joined the foreign army of either France or Spain. Died in Europe having never returned to Ireland (made promise to return to Ireland some day -- that promise is still unfulfilled).

    Born: 1720 AD (?)

    Died: 1745 (?)

    Sex: Male

    Nationality: Austrian

    Notes: Colonel of an Austrian Foot Regiment, 1745 (short memory of being a commanding officer; such commissions were usually purchased).

    Born: 1760 AD (?)

    Died: November 4th, 1791

    Sex: Male

    Nationality: American

    Notes: Born in Ohio; served in the militia, US Army. Died age 16-18; killed in the opening minutes at the Battle of Wabash.

    Born: 1800 AD (?)

    Died (?)

    Sex: Female

    Nationality: Prussian

    Notes: Did not serve in the military. Moved with family to Southern France in 1815 (after the fall of Napoleon, as it was pointed out to me in a dream).

    Born: 1839 AD (?)

    Died: November 1864

    Sex: Male

    Nationality: American

    Notes: Born in Illinois or Indiana. Served in the US Army 1862-1864. Later sent south via rail and riverboat to General Sherman’s Army, 1864; camped in Atlanta after city's capture; killed in action foraging for supplies on route from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia.

    Born: 1892 AD (?)

    Died: November 28th, 1917

    Sex: Male

    Nationality: British

    Notes: Born in the UK; served as a lieutenant in the British Army. Wounded in left arm in April 1917 (Battle of Arras?) recovered in a manor house that was converted into a hospital; killed at the Battle of Cambria on the 1st day of the German counter attack.

    Born: 1921 AD

    Died: 1944

    Sex: Male

    Nationality: American

    Notes: Joined the US Army Air Corps as a bomber pilot (B-17) in 1942. Shot down and killed over Europe in late 1944 by German fighter aircraft.

    Born: 1948 AD

    Died: 1957

    Sex: Female

    Nationality: India

    Notes: Born in a small village and lived a small single story mud brick house with an adjoining building where our livestock was kept. My chores included feeding and milking our goats and cow, and feeding our chickens. I was 9 years old, attending our livestock, when I was attacked, raped and murdered by strangulation.

    Born: 1960 AD

    Died: n/a

    Sex: Male

    Notes: Did not serve in the military. Work as a creative designer mainly on history projects. I create 3D history projects for elementary school level students. When you have lived history with a passion, you understand history.
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    Based on some memories and PL regression session:

    1500s Europe: peasant woman. I have only gotten very brief glimpses of this, during a regression session, but I learned that it was my first incarnation.

    1500s-1800s: Unknown

    Early 1800s: pioneer person (I think female, but I wouldn't bet my life on it) somewhere in the US West, killed by Indian attack. My mother in that life is my mother in my current life.

    1860s: Civil War drummer boy named Thomas. I was incredibly anxious to join the army for adventure, but was too young to be a soldier. I survived the war and lived until about 1883.

    1908: Household servant in Philadelphia, possibly a woman named Rachel. I don't know how old I was in 1908, anywhere from 15-18, working as a housekeeper and nanny for a wealthy family. 1908 is the year most associated with life due to a traumatic event in that year. I think I died sometime in the late 1930s.

    1943: born somewhere in northern California as a girl named Monika. Died of a heroin overdose in the 60s.

    1983: Current life!
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    Have you looked into the Holocaust?
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    1992-now: 22 year old American Soldier. Hi. Not dead yet.

    1931???-1945????: Jewish girl, taken to Auschwitz, was separated from my family, died as a result of....let's go with trauma, because I don't like saying what it actually was. Years are estimates.

    I really can't remember much more past that, mainly because I've only recently accepted it and not been in denial. Haven't bothered trying to find out any others yet. I'm kind of scared to, that one there wasn't too pleasant.
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    -7th century B.C.: Greek Corinthian hoplite.

    -early 5th century B.C.:: Greek farmer from Attica, fought at Marathon and Artemisium.

    -5th century B.C.: Greek Ionian boy.

    -5th century B.C.: Boy from a city allied to Athens.

    -5th century B.C.: Athenian youth (male) from a probably high placed family, knew Pericles of Athens personally.

    -5th century B.C.: Athenian hoplite.

    -4th century B.C.: Spartan commander (head of file).

    -4th century B.C. : Athenian man, knew Aristotle.

    -4th century B.C.: Macedonian hoplite of the Alexandrian conquest.

    -3rd century B.C.: young athenian male.

    -3rd century B.C.: Roman legionnaire at Carthage.

    -3rd century B.C.: Greek hoplite, fought against the celts near Delphi.

    -3rd century B.C.: Greek hoplite in Ptolemaic Egypt.

    -2nd century B.C.: Greek slave then Mercenary.

    -2nd century B.C.: Greek slave (male) in Rome.

    -1st century B.C.: Roman senator, partisan of the Republic, was perhaps present at the assassination of Caesar.

    -3rd-4th century A.D.: Greek woman,killed by christians.

    -8th-9th century A.D.: Arab soldier

    -Victorian era: British soldier in India.

    Most of my past lives are male although I am presently a female.
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    7th century B.C.: Greek soldier, envoy/diplomat, probably of the aristocracy.

    5th century B.C.: Athenian citizen, served as military commander (maybe strategos?)

    4th century B.C.: Greek farm boy

    4th century B.C.: Spartan

    3rd century B.C.: Macedonian hoplite

    2nd century B.C.: slave

    1st century B.C.: Roman legionnaire

    7th century A.D.: Byzantine woman

    8th-9th century A.D.: Arabian soldier

    19th century: French school boy in a military academy

    2000-: current life

    The lives in italic are those that I am considering due to emotions,exc..although I have no memories for them.
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    Ontario Canada
    Just a few, mostly just flashes. I have not really dug into exploring my past lives.

    Here is what I know so far.

    Recall participating in Pagan rituals.

    Remember being a very powerful oriental shaman/wizard/ sorcerer with very bad temperament . Causing people to burst into flames etc.

    Some attraction with the Henry Ford family-I could go to Greenfield Village and the museum there every day.

    Some connection to Thomas Edison-I remember seeing one of his early generators and actually remembering it.

    Feeling connections with people in my life outside my immediate family.

    This brings me to my most intense memory.

    I remember saying good-bye to my pregnant wife,also holding a baby at our cabin,dressed my Redcoat uniform,going off to fight the Americans in Niagara Falls during the war of 1812. I did not return to her,being shot in the lower back during a battle.

    We did meet again as neighbours. Very obvious we had unfinished business.
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    This is what I have for now:

    -Ancient Greece (5th or 4th century B.C.): Greek man, died in battle.

    -Late 1930's Spain: Little girl, orphan.
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    Perth, Western Australia

    Hi Ender

    Fantastic recall. I think I know about 4 of mine so will have to go deeper at some point.

    What I found interesting is that you have no gap in between your lives. I feel that some lives flow straight into the next but others have long periods in between in the astral etc. would love to hear others thoughts on this.
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    So far, I have uncovered four of my own past lives and two my children have had. I post the full experience in these forums. I don't know all the dates but tried to put them in some order...

    (1) In what I believe to be my earliest remembered life, I was a TWA tribe member (not sure if I was male or female although I think I was female) living in southern Ireland.

    (2) I was a slave that worked in the master's house. I saw myself in the mirror as a beautiful black woman wearing a grey dress and apron. My hair was pulled back, maybe braided. I had lovely skin. I remembered being born and growing up in a small wooden shack near some fields.

    (3) Young man (20s) in 1929 in the state of New York. I was a delivery person for a local grocer and rode my bike everywhere. My best friend in that life is my husband in this life. I don't recall how or when I died.

    (4) My most recent life I have recalled I was female. My memory started out as a little girl. I think my name was Adelaide. I had a big brother and I believe my Mother died when I was a young child. I zoomed forward in time and I found myself in the body of a very beautiful woman about age 30. I got the impression I was unmarried and I was dressed professionally. I was in a city or large town and my life ended on the street. I got the impression I was murdered.

    I have had one recurring dream that I can't seem to pin down. It's basically just me walking through a house and observing the furniture and stuff. The dream always starts with me approaching a grey stone row house. I walk down a couple steps to just below street level and open a red door. On the inside is a long hallway with a slanted ceiling on the right (kind of makes a right angle triangle with the floor). On the right all the way down the hallway is a wide bench with pillows and blankets. There are a few people just lounging there smoking and reading and talking. I walk down the hallway and it opens up into a large room with an open design kitchen that is styled in 1970s decor (orange Formica cabinets). To the right is a livingroom with white leather furniture. Ahead of me is a corridor that leads to sleeping rooms, a smoking room, a greenhouse, and a music room. It looks the same in every dream but I can't pin down a location, date, or any other reference point.

    I also explore past lives with my two youngest kids (age 5 and 3) and they have had some remarkable memories.

    My daughter, who just turned three, speaks quite deliberately about her "Mom" (not me) and how she was a "bandit" and they would walk together in the "park" (woods). She said her "Dad" had a lot of dogs and once brought home a bear for them to eat. She also speaks at length about an eagle and it dying or getting hurt. She also has described her house.

    My son, who is five, has been telling me all about a life he has in California where a classmate died at the age of 16. He has given me a name and very specific details.
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    - Time?

    Location: East Coast US, I´m jewish

    - Time?

    Location:Hamburg Area/Germany, male

    I come from a wealthy family, remember a difficult relationship to a woman, she finally leaves me, I`m not successful with my fathers business and fail it.

    - 1903-34

    Location: MidWest US, male, Banking Business...

    Again, I totally fail it.

    - 1944- 74 ???Uncertain

    Location: MidWest US, male,

    Again, it got even worse :-(

    - 1979 up to now

    I´ll take a try as a female it seems :)

    Nothing exactly terrible happened until today except that I feel haunted by memories ;-)
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    (1) The earliest life I recall is in the 1700's, most likely in Ireland. I was male and I was wrongly accused of a crime and sentenced to be executed. However, I feel I committed suicide before the execution could be carried out.

    (2) The next life is very brief.. I was around 20 when I committed suicide after being falsely accused of something to do with money. This was around 1800/1820 in Austria. I'm not sure if I was royalty but the memories I have are of a palace adorned with red carpeting and gold decor. I was male in this life.

    (3) In the life after that, I lived in England in the later half of the 1800's. My name was Sarah. This life wasn't very good.. My parents couldn't stand me, they thought I was mentally ill. I was in love with someone who I could never be with. After some time, I slipped into psychosis and ended my life by jumping from what I believe to be the Cliffs Of Moher in Ireland. My death was around 1860 to 1904. I even remember my life review from this particular life and how I was able to view my life from a different perspective, that of the people who were around me.

    (4) I was born in 1906 in Breslau, Silesia Provence, Prussia, German Empire. This life was not as bad as the last but it wasn't too much better either. I know my name.. but I'm always hesitant to reveal who I was due to backlash I've received. Not so much with this life but with my next life. In this one, I was an anti nazi pastor. I remember my fiancé and how we wrote to each other.. The longing to be with her and the depression I felt having to wait. I also had a secret, I believe I was homosexual, maybe bisexual. Some of the parents of the kids I taught knew of this and would say some pretty harsh things. I had feelings for a friend and student of mine who was straight. I had thoughts of suicide in this life but wouldn't dare to act on them. I felt I was going to hell for my sexuality amongst other things. I enjoyed teaching children about religion, those were happy times. I was executed by hanging.

    (5) I was an infamous criminal. Seems there's a pattern with the lives I've lived. Always revolving around execution, suicide, and being wrongly accused of a crime. However, in this life, the one I recall most.. I wasn't wrongly accused, unfortunately, I committed some very disturbing crimes. I was born in the 60's and I was male.. My childhood was good aside from a few aspects.. My teenage years were miserable and I spent most of my days under the influence of alcohol. I kept everything inside and I'll admit that it wasn't a good thing to do.. but I felt I had no choice. Especially after the first incident.. There were times I felt I could keep the compulsion under control, times I discovered substitutes that kept me from going off the deep end. If it wasn't for that horrid day.. One that I feared, one that I knew deep down was bound to happen eventually but hoped it wouldn't. I slowly but surely lost touch with reality but I was good at keeping a facade up, one that made me appear strange but normal until the very end.. My death was due to head trauma.. I've read about how birthmarks or defects are wounds from a past life. Well, because of the bludgeoning.. I have a dent in the back of my head..

    1997- me
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    Prehistoric outcast from hunter-gatherer tribe

    Chinese monk from Leshan

    A different Chinese boy?

    Pre-industrialized Japanese opera musician

    16th century European monk

    17th century Portuguese patriarch and musician?

    18th century German monk and lutenist?

    Present day American girl. I feel this may have been another soul lending me their perspective.

    Currently a Renaissance and Baroque lute revivalist. As I type I am digitizing old 78RPM shellac records for a traditional music archive.
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    This is a great idea. I have quite the list myself.

    I'll add a few now and add to it as I'm able.

    1. Cyrus Hakhamaneshian 600-530BC

    2. Darius Hakhamaneshian 485-465BC

    3. Egyptian Princess ?

    4. Egyptian Prince ?

    5. Ptolemy III Euergetes 284-222BC

    6. Poor Man in India ?

    7. Indian Prince ?

    8. Nordic Man ?

    9. Nordic Woman ?

    10. Saxon Man ?

    11. Chinese Man ?

    12. Cambodian Man ?

    13. Chichen Itzan Man ?

    14. European Princess ?

    15. Russian Prince ?

    16. Mathew a Man that lived in an asylum ?

    17. George Alexandrovich Romanov 1871-1899

    18. Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov 1904-1918

    19. An SS Officer 1919-1945

    20. A Criminal in the US 1946-1989

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    * = I'm not sure if this life is true.
    */•= I've verified some facts but I'm not sure.
    •= I've verified it and know for sure it's true.

    * A scribe in Ancient Mesopotamia.

    * A banker in medieval Europe. I was imprisoned and possibly drawn and quartered for having counterfeit coins.

    * A mother in Scotland who lost her two young sons during a raid.

    * A baker in Germany.

    */• A noblewoman who may have lived in the Palace of Versailles.

    * A young girl who went on a sailing trip (I had a vision once but that was it).

    */• Union Soldier during the Civil War.

    * A little girl living with her grandmother in India.

    */• A bum who liked to hop on the trains, or perhaps someone who worked on railroad tracks.

    • Fritz Klingenberg. I had a mystery "Fritz" in my regressions, and when I compared that Fritz to this Fritz, they matched up. I was also born with a strawberry mark on my back, I woke up from what I presume to be a nightmare when I was 3 months old, hills made me feel nostalgic as a kid, I could go on.

    * A Russian woman who lived from the 50s to presumably the early 90s.
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    #1. Prehistoric, nomadic, in mountainous terrain. The name of the Ural Mountains feels right. Spoke either an early Finnic language or Proto-Indo-European. Fell to my death around my mid 30s.

    #2. Ancient Greece. Mentored by Anaxagoras. I was named something like Aristomenes. Some political turmoil happened against Pericles and I thought it necessary to flee. Spent my last several decades transporting cargo on ships; drowned in my mid 60s.

    #3, Rome. I was a soldier named Crassus. Died in the great fire of 64 CE.

    I have no explanation for the giant gap here.

    #4, Naples, 1700s. Circus performer and traveling busker. Might have been named something like Giancarlo. Dreaded the Spanish Inquisition. Arranged by family to marry someone I didn't want. Fell to my death off my tight rope.

    #5, Elizabeth, England, ca 1780s - 1850s. Upper or upper middle class, privileged, very religious. Visited an abbey with the idea to become a nun, but decided against giving up my wealth and comforts. Married at my family's insistence, had one daughter. Within a few years I lost my mother, had a stillbirth, and lost my husband (war of 1812). Spent some later years traveling around Europe.

    #6, Annabelle, ~1891-ish - 1943/44. Nebraska farm girl turned NYC flapper and actress.

    #7, Julie the 1st, 1958-79, upstate New York also briefly lived in Sacramento and Philadelphia. Went back to NY and began college, but didn't live to see that through.

    #8, Julie the 2nd, 1981 -

    I must say some of you have lived a great many lives! It is interesting to read who everyone remembers being. :)
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    Yeah, give me a few years to find my other lives xD but here's what i have so far.

    I was Elleyn, a lady in waiting and friend to Lady Jane Grey.
    Then i was Princess Elisabeth of Hesse by Rhine
    (I think i was on the Titanic with my current life mother in her past life and died with her but I'm not sure)

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