Are you able to create a list of your PLs?

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by Ender27, Dec 2, 2014.

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    Ancient Mongolia- I was some kind of a wandering warrior who feared absolutely nothing and was the kind of dude who'd kill you just for looking at him wrong. I just recently discovered this one (literally within the last two weeks or so), so I haven't seen a lot of it yet. Yesterday, I just happened to see a video of the Mongolian steppes and cried because it was so beautifully familiar.

    Ancient Rome- I was a thief who was arrested and tossed into the ring with a gladiator who killed me in front of a cheering crowd. I initially saw this one in a dream (and other parts of it during a meditation later on), and most everywhere that gladiator cut me with his sword, I now have a tiny red dot on my skin in this life from the entry point of the blade. I have one on each hand and they're all over my arms.

    A peasant who fought in the King's War in England. Most of what I felt from this life was perpetual hunger. I don't think that poor man ever had enough to eat, but he's probably the reason I could eat my weight in fresh bread now.

    An Indian spice trader along the Silk Road, who was mugged and killed en route.

    A Native American man in the 1750s. I died trying to protect my wife (a former boss in this life) when we were attacked by another tribe. Strangely enough, my boss and I both have a rather large mole right in the exact same spot from where we were shot with arrows. This was the only one I saw in any kind of real detail.

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    Hi Klaud, welcome to the forum. Do your recollections contain much detail?
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    Thank you so much! :)

    Not as much detail as I'd like, unfortunately, although there are some details that I purposely left out because I didn't want to ramble on too much about their rather simple everyday lives. I could be here for like an hour typing it.

    For the most part, I only get little glimpses at a time that I can later piece together to form a more cohesive timeline. If I sit and meditate long enough, I can get a lot more details, but they're not always pressing details (like names and dates) even with my best efforts. I don't often have the patience or emotional energy to sit and do that, as it can be quite draining for me.

    For the Native American life, for example, I saw a lot of my everyday life as well as tribal ceremonies, but I genuinely have no idea what tribe I belonged to, only a general location and timeframe. Still trying to figure that one out.
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    Tongva Indian boy in California

    Greek adolescent boy novice in a temple

    Roman Lawyer in Pompeii

    Mayan land owner

    Cathar crippled woman burned in 1244

    About 40 peasants of various jobs and sexes from around 100 to 1400 ad

    An English peasant boy set upon by highway men and died of exposure 1300s

    Irish female pirate..2 memories..watching indentured servants on the block.. looking at myself in a mirror checking my high powdered wig.

    Catholic priest in Northern Italy

    California Gold miner drowned on sidewheel paddle steamer off the coast of the Carolinas

    Factory worker

    Drowned French boy on the Riviera

    Depression era lesbian addict

    Korean war soldier

    1958 me
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    Wow I can only remember 2 past lives

    1: Madrid 1661-1700

    2: Borisov, Belarus 1916-1941
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    Ancient Syria (Mitanni) - Daughter Of King Tushratta

    Ancient Egypt - 18th Dynasty, Reign Of Pharaoh’s Amenhotep III/ Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten

    Ancient Egypt - 19th Dynasty, around the time of Pharaoh’s Seti I/Ramesses II

    Roman Empire around the time of Atila the Hun

    Nordic/Viking Denmark - Shieldmaiden

    Czechoslovakia - around the time of St Wenceslas
    (Czech Royal Family)

    India - a sibling (don’t know too much about this lifetime)

    United States of America - Confederate soldier from either Virginia or North Carolina

    Prussia/Imperial/Weimar Republic/Third Reich Germany - my WWII Holocaust lifetime

    New Zealand/Australia - current lifetime.

    I know I’ve had a LOT more lifetimes than this, as I’m an Old Soul, but just have no need to know where and when.

    Eva x
  7. BellonaStrandt

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    Ancient Egypt- Pharaoh Horemheb, I prefer saying 19th Dynasty personally

    Ancient Greece- Probably multiple lives but in one of them, I was a soldier

    Ancient Rome- I was a very irresponsible guy who indulged a lot in vices. My father died when I was a child. This was probably somewhere around Julius Caesar-Augustus’s time

    Black Death in Spain and England- I was from a minor royal family. My mom was from England while my father was from Spain. My father and I died. I didn’t make it to adulthood. I was a little girl.

    Joseon Dynasty- A nobleman who had a Chinese lover, murdered by younger brother

    Imperial Russia- One of the royal children who didn’t make it to adulthood

    American Revolution- A Québécois who fought with the Americans, my first wife divorced me, I lost my children with her because I was an absent father, married another woman. Survived the war

    American Civil War- A Confederate soldier originally from Utah, moved to Texas at the age of 10, of mainly Irish descent, had Mormon relatives. Died during the war

    England/Singapore 1800s- I was married to my cousin. The two of us, plus our daughter, moved to Singapore for a while where my cousin/husband got murdered. My daughter and I moved back to England

    WWII- I was a spy who originated from Germany, worked for Hitler’s regime, defected, worked for the USA, spying on the Soviets either way

    My current life boom

    There’s two more lives I remember but I can’t determine which era it came from. All I know for sure was that I was a Spanish woman who seemed middle-class. There’s another one when I was a Russian woman who seemed upper-middle class who died during pregnancy due to a fire in my house. I’m pretty sure I had more lives since I also have some degree of interest in places like Japan, Serbia and Ukraine but I have no memories of them.
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    i have a few lifetimes i semi remember...i need to write them down....again. I lost the original manuscript of what i was working on. I dont quite know my theme in this current incarnation i might have to ask my friend to regress me again so i can confirm my Bernadette lifetime. i know i have a few memories of that lifetime...some correlations between that lifetime and this are:

    1) Asthma issues
    2) My memory of the Nevere convent garden in which was enshrined a statue of The Blessed Virgin Mary. (I need to confirm this memory)
    3) My affinity for rosaries in this lifetime (I am not Catholic in my current incarnation. My great grandparents were)
    4) When i pray the rosary, i fall asleep and i am so relaxed...its like a meditation to me.
    5) i never complain about pain in my this current incarnation and that one.
    6) I am the identical twin to Bernadette without my glasses on.

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