aristocrats in past lives

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    Totoro, that’s really interesting. Tho definitely NOT the Mao suit. I’m thinking it was early Nationalist period—late 1800s/early 1900s. That would make sense with the Western style horse carriage, law court, and police force.

    I did a little Googling. Taoism was not popular with rulers at that point. It was seen as superstition by the Nationalists and more about folk religion that was being blamed for falling behind the West.
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    Sorry, had overlooked this post.
    I hope, at least, that I have learned something...
    I seem to have found a couple patterns and try to work on them.
    What I remember so far is like watching a movie like "Vantage Point" or "Cloud Atlas", but only parts of it and not in order. Like, there is some bigger picture and connection, but I cannot see it yet (even though it sometimes feels like I can almost see it). If that makes any sense.
    Now back to the original topic...
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    Yes I've been a aristocrat twice,both in my first life and my second life.In my first life I was a Irish Aristocratic woman,but I don't remember where the mansion is where I lived in.What I do Remember is that I moved to the United States somewhere around 1840,but that's all.For my second life I do Remember where the house is where me and my family lived in,but I think the confrontation with that house is going to be way to overwelming for me,so I haven't considered visiting it yet.
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    Hello, over about 25 past lives I have discovered yet, two of them can be called aristocratic for sure.

    The first one was in Italia at end 15th- beginning 16th century. I was probably named Castrioto and lived in Venezia. I was involved in a secret society studying ancient knowledges. It was a mix of science and alchemy.

    The second one is best known because I found exactly who I was. I was Sir Hoghton 5th baronet in Lancashire, England. I sieged four times in Parliament, in the House of Commons, between 1710 and 1741. It was a long life, I died nearly at age 90.

    Sadly I have no portrait of Sir Hoghton, but I saw my face in regression. I don't have visited the Hoghton Tower mansion in my current life, but I hope I will one day. I'm curious to know if it would help me remember more. Neither have I visited Venice. I wanted to go but I'm not sure to do it. I know Venezia is overcrowded with tourists and venetians don't need more.

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