Astral travel or Sleep paralysis?

Discussion in 'Parapsychology' started by Ljbellus, Sep 9, 2017.

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    I have had a few sleep related things happenings lately and I would like some guidance.

    Maybe I am astral travelling/maybe not. I have felt the usual sensations whilst falling asleep. A whirring noise sometimes or a banging, echoing type sound. At this point I know I am going to leave my body and I am no longer scared of this.

    I have felt the experience of leaving my body for decades. It's something I am in tune with and have usually dealt with. This happens around 3 times per week for a few weeks and then nothing for a year or so. Then it's back again.

    The last 3 times, I have been more in charge of what happens. I have tried to find someone whilst out, and I have found them in my house hiding behind furniture that is not there in real life. But the person I wanted to visit, was there and spoke to me. Strange!

    I also have the feeling that I am being pulled and dragged from my feet backwards, and then that is the end of the experience.

    Is this astral travel or sleep paralysis?
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    If you moved around you weren't paralyzed, you projected. Astral travel, out of body experience, lucid dreaming, phasing, ... have various definitions function of your system of beliefs and specific manifestation.
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    Hi! I haven't been here in a while but I experience similar sensations. I don't know if you're experiencing both but from my personal experience I am usually watching my body go into its "standby" mode just before switching to a lucid dream or astral travel. Sleep paralysis was my cue that I'd have an opportunity to go out of body or be in this altered state of consciousness.
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    Hi, Ljbellus, it's not sleep paralysis OR astral travel. The first is part of the same process, only not always happens. Sometimes the "disconnection" or "reconnection" goes smoothly, and sometimes not. In this latter case, you have sleep paralysis.

    Also, I would like to make some clarifications. We all leave our bodies every night, but we are aware of it only sometimes, in your case more often than average people.

    If you are in your bedroom and you find there the person you want to visit, probably it's not that person, but just a projection of what your subconscious desires. We all must be careful with this. To discern, just try to ask them something or look closely, keep always your control. Yes, they may speak, but maybe it won't make sense to you. Always doubt of what you see. If the figure fades, then it wasn't real.

    I wish I could do it as easily as you!

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