Autism and Reincarnation

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    I am weighing in on this discussion again.. having been on my way to being healed of my autistic traits..

    The bodies inflammation has to be tamed before one can begin to work out the impact of past lives..

    Yes I had a flashback to being in the holocaust.. three times I was there as a child under 11 years old .. But it was more than that .. To my mind it is more the nature of being able to allow love in .. to get the help we may need to heal. This involves many experiences and many issues the body has .. for sure vaccines , antibiotics etc are an important part of how our bodies manifest disease..

    The body can be reminded to not get so upset ... I do not know how it works other than it has for me.. Coming from eating six foods for years , not sleeping hardly, fear of being touched, seizures,, paranoia , inflammed colon ,, aching liver and kidneys, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia ..

    Yes doing the regression work I have done was important but without geting the help through my Heilkunst homeopathic protocal no way could I have resolved my issues.. . ie my nervous system was too on edge to cope with life .. let alone doing therapy ..

    I am working with someone trained who works with a medical intuitive .. Plus I am now able to use my ability to do regression work in a positive way because my mind is at peace through my body being at peace.. ie not the same amount of pain and inflammation.

    If you are interested in the healing I am doing through Heilkunst I have a blog ..

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