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Discussion in 'Children's Past Lives -Age 7 & under' started by goldenbowl, Jul 27, 2019.

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    My son is 17 now, but one day when I was picking him up from preschool, he ran to me, gave me a big hug and said, "You're the best mommy I ever had." I tried to dismiss it as improper use of grammar, but it has stuck with me, burned in my memory forever. At a different time, he told me about his "other mommy" and because I was divorcing his father at the time, I thought he was referring to another woman his father was seeing, so I stumbled into handling it appropriately because I asked lots of questions: other mommy? where? "She takes me to her house" What does her house look like? He described some bushes, trees...I remember describing a particular woman's house I knew to see if it was her house, and he told me flat out, "No, it's dark. It's always dark." Dark? "We go in the car for a long time." I was totally confused. When would he of had time to go for long car rides? What do you do over at her house? "I'd sit at the table" Was daddy there? "No." Now I was concerned. Who was this woman taking my kids far away to her dark house? Was anybody else there? "No." I asked his sisters about going to a woman's house without their dad (babysitter?). No, they were just as confused as I was, not knowing what their little brother was talking about. I remember telling him that I was his mommy and I didn't know who this other mommy was, but he didn't have to go to her house if he didn't want to, that he should yell and kick and scream the next time, and that I loved him and I gave him a big hug.

    I wish I could remember more details. I was just trying to figure out who this other woman was at the time.
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    Hi goldenbowl,

    Welcome to the forum.

    That must have been confusing a lot when your small child tells stories about being taken away to a strange place without your knowledge. It's common for small children to tell about former lives and later on they forget and deny they ever said such things. I guess you came to the same conclusion because you ended up at a reincarnation forum.

    Your son is 17 by now, so probably you won't get answers from him anymore. At this age, they've forgotten completely.

    Do you have past life memories yourself?

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