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    This is my first post.
    I have a memory and a birthmark that I believe are related but I want to find out who I was when I received the wound that made my birthmark.
    The birthmark is a keloid cluster birthmark on the back right of my skull. Hair doesn't grow in it.

    The memory came to me around 2008.
    I know I was female, it must have been the 60's or early 70's based on the pants and shoes I was wearing. I could only see from my POV. My hair was frizzy long brown. I could see it in my peripheral. I walked from the bathroom of a rest stop or gas station to a brown car (I'm not sure what kind) definitely a 60's or 70's style car. There was a man in the drivers seat and I felt really happy, like we were about to go on an adventure or vacation or something like that. I got in the car and when he looked at me he looked frightened or worried. There was a man beside him squatted down looking in the window. The man reached through the window and put a gun to my left temple and fired. For less than the time it takes to explain it I felt afraid. Then it sounded like a balloon squeaking out air and then I was aware of absolute nothing and for lack of a better word, peace.
    The only thing I could think was that mark is an exit bullet wound. There is also a small brown mark on my left eye lid.
    How do I find out more about who that person was, who I was, then? Is it ok to ask for this sort of help?
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    Hi Iris,
    Welcome to the forum. This is an interesting story. I think we cannot help you. You should try to go back to that scene in a meditative state of mind. Try to capture more details, try to get another perspective to look at the same events.
    In the beginning, it is not easy, but after some time it will become easier to reach that state of mind. At least, this is how I learned it. It's like slowing down the brainwaves. Then, when you start getting the images, you should train yourself to move your head and look around.
    Of course, it is helpful to keep a journal. Write down your special dreams, your visions, your intuitive knowings etc. Often those notes will get meaning years after you wrote them down.
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    Hi Iris, welcome to the forum, first let me tell you that it's chilling what you remember, and yes you can seek the help of a professional in PL regressions. And yes, reincarnated people do come back with makes from the past, and feelings. I have the marks of my wounds from the past. And I thanks GOD, for allowing me to return to earth and find my beloved, and tell him the truth of what happened 3,500 years ago.
    I was Hatshepsut, and Pharaoh of Egypt. I was born with memories of my past and was driving crazy my mother and my father. When I was a little girl, during diner I look straight in my father eyes, and told him that he was not my father, and pointing at my mother I said, "And she is not my mother, my father and mother are in the other side of the sea, and this home is not my home. My home is big very big, and I want to go home." I remember hearing my mother telling my father to take me to a mental institution to see what was wrong with me, that she had already told him that something was wrong with that time, only mental institutions had psychiatrists. In another time, my father got mad at my mother for telling him again, that was when I was present. I had memories of the past since I was born, God almighty put me in a long journey were I could find my friends and love one. I found my father the Great THUTMOSE I, My mother QUEEN AHMOSE, my half brother THUTMOSE ll, my sister NEFERU-BITY, HAPUSENEB, First Prophet of Amun KHETY, the great INENI, ISIS, T'QUETA, MENINA (Menina is not mention in history, but I did in my book) QUEEN ATI from Punt, TUTHY, and the only one I loved, SEN-MUT. An I still love him the same as it was yesterday. In my book I give information to the world of archeologists and historian to questions posed by them about what route that was taken to find Punt, who went in this quest, who build the Sphinx, and many other answers.
    My book finally was published by on took me 4 years to write my entire life in Egypt, plus 2 years being edited, was a long time.
    All my memories were brought back with the help of my Psychologist Leo Sprinkle, who strongly believe in the after life, of course because we did believe in the after life in Egypt 3,500 years ago. Leo regress me in time in 1978. And the wonderful thing, is that he was my father in 1750 a.d. In Vienna, Austria and he was First Prophet od Amun KHETY in Egypt. Most people come back with the same physical looks.
    My book title is " HATSHEPSUT THE WOMAN WHO WAS PHARAOH" by Nely Emiliani. I hope you and other members of this forum give me the opportunity to reach their home. You will find out so much including how did I die and my love ones. How did I reach the throne of Egypt, who's body is lying in the Cairo Museum, for sure is not mine. Was MENKHEP-RE (THUTMOSES lll) the real son of my brother THUMOSES II.
    Thank you for listening, and please seek the help of Carol Bowman, great therapist or a professional who is expert in PL regression in your area. The reason that it must be a professional, is because you will find out who you were and your name and address, and the regression it will be recorded in case it needs to be submitted to the police, if they did not had found the assassin. Also will it helps you to write a book in the future.


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    Another thing you can do is regressions with audio recordings. These can be found online and are usually free. They are far cheaper than hiring a regression therapist and usually give a decent amount of information. As someone who has tried both, I can say that there are merits and drawbacks to either method.

    I definitely support the idea of meditation and mindfulness as fireflydancing suggested. If you can stomach revisiting that memory, there may be much more information within it that was not perceived the first time. Or it may lead you to a new memory.
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    San Diego
    Beautiful memory. :D
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    Hi Iris,

    Welcome to the board. No problem in asking for help, but mostly it will just be advice and guess-work mixed with a bit of internet searching.

    Getting to your memory, there were a lot of large (full-sized) cars still around in those days. So, if the killer could reach across the driver to get to you like that, you were most likely in what would then have been called a sub-compact, but is now fairly normal. Typically these were imports. Toyota and Datsun (now Nissan) were big in that market, though Detroit was also getting into the action. See if you can remember anything more about the vehicle or surroundings. Overall, the situation seems to indicate that the two males were working together, or at least that the driver was willing to acquiesce to your murder. Otherwise, the driver could have easily interfered. Reaching across someone like that would put the shooter into a very vulnerable position, where the driver could seize the arm or divert the shot.

    Anyhow, this is an interesting situation. Why kill you like that? He was obviously hunkered down hiding in wait for you to return. Plus, the bad guy would usually take out the male first if he was after both of you, but he obviously focused on you. Also, he would not have put himself in a vulnerable position like that reaching across the driver if he didn't know it was safe to do so. For some reason I suspect that you knew too much, which might indicate a possible mob tie-in. I could fantasize that the two of you were trying to escape the "life" but got caught. But, really I'm just projecting scenarios onto a very strange set of facts. I.e., guessing.

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    That's so terrible.

    Can you find out more detail to your surrounding? Something perhaps at, around the gas station to give away where you were? Where you were heading? The dialects snd looks and sence of people?

    You could try on youtube past life regression meditation, there are several of them there, and hope that you can enter that past life. Brian Weiss works for me, among others
    (link: ).
    If you feel a bit frighten about doing this alone you could have someone you trust with you in the room, just because sometimes it can get really emotional. Although when I've been doing this I've been alone and if something was too difficult for me I would open my eyes or just shift scene.

    When I did my own research years ago (before we had Internet) I went to libraries (abroad, in my case) and went through very old magazines and some that had been scanned. I was impressed at how much the libraries actually had stored. Google has collected many magazines/articles as well; one just type in certain words. Link:

    Could it be that the female you remember being could have started a new life with the driver of the car, and that the man who shot her was part of the criminal, mob world hired by let's say an old boyfriend? Or did she recognize the man who shot her in any way? Perhaps then he was actually an old boyfriend who had followed them there? If he was to finish off the driver of the car first - this would have caused a scene before; so then it is likely that he let the driver live until you had returned and got to you first. God, this is ugly to think about. If it was the 1970's the killer could have been wasted on drugs and this alone could have caused him to be mentally insane and do such a thing?

    Wish you all the luck :)

    I did not know about the possibility that one could "inherit" birthmarks or defects from a past life until recently. In what I think is possible my recent past life this makes sense considering I have birthmarks where I was killed.
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