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Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by Stef, Oct 2, 2000.

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    I wish I had a cool birthmark to talk about, but alas! I am the "unbranded"! My brother has a "thunderbird" on his left shoulder. It looks like an old native American image we once saw of this legendary beast. I always thought it was cool. (My other brother had no interesting birthmarks, but every year on December 15th he would get a massive headache. As for me, my only claim to fame is that my eyes changed color. They used to be a pure, deep brown. In my teenage they faded to hazel with a hint of green. Now they're grey with brown only close to the pupil.)

    My brother with the thunderbird was very drawn to the Apache. More than any of us he identified with our native American blood. He would have dreams of running wild across the desert, sometimes it would be "before it was a desert". He felt somehow linked to the Superstition Mountains. I imagine he had several lives in "his tribe".
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    I have a very conspicuous birthmark -- it can be seen on my avatar here. It is a red, heart-shaped spot, not embossed, just a red tint in the front of my neck. Though my mom says I was born with it, I can't see it in the pictures taken when I was around 6 months. But it is conspicuous when I am around 12 months. Might be that it's very soft, so cant be seen easily, aaaand the baby did have a very plumpy neck ^^

    [Of course that, from my teens, everyone would bully me with things like 'wild nights' gah!]

    One day I was talking like, with a friend who's a massotherapist, and I conversationaly asked him if he thought that this mark could be that in a past life I have been beheaded. He said "no, if you'd been beheaded you'd have a nasty issue in the cervical vertebra". Interesting point. And here in this thread I found someone saying that had died thru beheading, and does have cervical and neck issues.
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    I believe that birth marks are reflective of how we died in our most recent past life. There are lots of stories about this, where people remember being shot and have a birthmark in the same place, or other similar things. I personally remember drowning, and I was born without any birthmarks.

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