Bizarre Dream, What did it mean?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by DerFlieger, May 17, 2018.

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    I know its been a little while since I first posted, but since that post I've tried self hypnosis using YouTube videos to try and unlock more details about my past lives. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to work. I think I may be too afraid of hypnosis for it to work on me. I feel like I've seen people on this forum mentioning spirit guides or sources or whatever you want to call them, giving them information, so I thought I'd give that a shot. A few nights ago before going to bed, I asked my spirit guide, if I had one, to show me some stuff in my dreams. That night I actually had a really weird dream.
    In the first part of the dream, I was with my father and my son, and we walked into a building that was labeled as the Museum of the Imperial German Air Service or something to that effect. I walked into a large room that had a life size diorama depicting aircraft engaged in a dogfight over a town or village that had been devastated by artillery fire. At one end of the room was a cockpit that you could get in to do a simulated dogfight. It was raised kind of high off the ground. I got in and the simulator started up, but shortly thereafter the cockpit began to break apart and I fell out, hitting the museum floor. I looked up and the biplane that had been suspended from the ceiling was now a wreck on the ground and I watched as the pilot's lifeless body just sort of tumbled out of the cockpit like a ragdoll. The way I interpret this is,

    1) I think my father and son were fellow pilots in my unit, hence their presence in the museum,
    2) I died in the war, not afterward like Joachim von Bertrab (who I suspected I was in my first post), which now makes me doubt that I was him,
    3) my death may have been the result of structural failure (signified by the cockpit breaking apart), and
    4) I may have actually fallen to my death out of the aircraft. This last one would explain my intense fear of heights.

    I also got a brief glimpse of what I think may have been my life right before this one. It didn't last long but I saw a young woman, probably late teens or early twenties, black or Hispanic, or both, carrying a child no older than one year old, and they were on a subway, I think in New York City and I think late 1970's, probably only shortly before I was born in 1978.
    The final thing I got was, I woke up with an image of an old black woman in my head and the year 1832 repeating in my head. A while back I had had a dream about being a slave on a plantation sometime during the 19th century. I started off the dream as an older black woman, but part way through I was an older black man. I was told by a white woman to go do some gardening. I looked into slave jobs and gardening was predominately done by men, which led me to believe I was the man. But does that final image from this latest dream mean I was the woman? And is 1832 the year I was being shown? Was it just a significant milestone year in my life? My year of birth? Year of death? Anyway the dream was definitely a lot to take in and think about.
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    It's great you asked the question before bed. No questions, no answers. Seems like you were shown a lot, but don;t get caught up on it. Record it and ask again. Sometimes it takes several experiences to understand what you've been shown. Focus on the feelings - the emotional aspects of what you're seeing. The year is important and you are very lucky to get a year, but it seems like the information for the significance isn't there yet. Be patient. It will come when you're ready. ;)

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