Can’t find peace in this life

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by Michellb, Feb 15, 2021.

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    Feb 15, 2021
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    I’m having a hard time finding peace in this life. I get dreams, reoccurring, and some new dreams, about another life. I can’t seem to find the right level of happiness in this life, because I don’t have answers. My visions, memories, or dreams, always circle around who I feel is me. The time is within the 60’s to late 80’s range I feel. The clothing fits the period, along with vehicles. My dreams show me as a young girl. I feel most likely around 15-17. I was checking my mail (this is reoccurring), and was picked up by someone or someone’s in a yellow van. Later on in life, I’ve started having deeper dreams. I’m now seeing myself in a basement, with a room that I have to/am staying in. I’m afraid, and manage to make my way upstairs, even with the presence of two very mean and large dogs. I get to see the mans face now. The problem I’m having, that I believe I’m having, is that I don’t know who I was, who he was, and what eventually happened. Most people think that maybe it’s too traumatic for me to remember, and maybe I shouldn’t; however, I feel a sense of loss and unhappiness. I never feel comfortable in certain situations, always playing it safe, and the biggest issue is, I always want to go home. Does anyone have any tips to maybe bringing out some of the repressed memories? Thank you all in advance.
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    Hi Michellb,

    Welcome to the forum. It's interesting what you're telling us. I know about repressed memories. I decided to keep them that way, simply because I can't imagine my life becoming better when that veil would lift. (I am talking about an involuntary death). At least for now. There is no 'must' when past life memories arise. Well, perhaps the only 'must' should be an enrichment of your current life: healing, understanding, completeness.
    That said, I understand completely that you want to know more about yourself in past lives. I would say: start with the 'safe' side. Start journaling. Try to explore yourself, your preferences for foods, countries, your irks, your deepest feelings about the simple things of life, etc., etc.
    Trauma (like dying) sucks all attention and energy but the really interesting things happened during life. Obviously.
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    I brought out a repressed life through guided regression and I'll be honest: I wish I had not.

    The life itself isn't with sadness, or regret or anything negative...but the feelings I got from what I did cause me, in THIS life, a lot of guilt and working hard to overcome some of the dregs of that life. It caused me a lot of problems for many years, actually.

    I "knew" of the life in generalities, and I was dealing with some of the dark things okay as they came. A lot of the bad things I remembered were offset by good things, or things "normal" people could enjoy (an example of this was this ghoulish joy at seeing the blood of others, but loving to eat duck). I simply was just not ready for the pure evil I encompassed in the life, and I did not have enough balance in that life (or age and experience in this one) to offset the horror of it.

    And that's something you have to be prepared for...the sheer terror of an experience like that or the potential for that to go south on you. I have had the unfortunate experience of being in the sights of a serial killer and a wannabe one, and I hope you are prepared for the worst if you go through trying to force the memories out.

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