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Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Andy P, Nov 9, 2019.

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    I want to believe in reincarnation as someone very dear to me has passed away and I am trying to find solace by assuring myself that they will have another chance.

    After reading so many stories, I really feel that there would be some truth in reincarnation but then a question pops up in my mind if human beings have souls and the souls survive death then what do bugs have that get killed every second?
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    I have heard that insects and animals that tend to live in a flock, like birds and bunch of other species, do not have an individual soul like most human beings have, but share part in the flock-soul along with the other individuals of its flock. When one of the individuals in the flock dies, the soul lives on with the rest of the animals in the flock. And it continually takes on new bodies, as new generations of this species are born into the flock. And this goes on until the whole flock eventually dies out and it takes on a new body of the same species or advances/develops into another species.

    But nature and astral physics are very complicated. And this "flock-soul" thing would be just one way to explain this in language.

    Im not much into hinduism, as I am myself a reincarnation beliving catholic, but this explainations of flock-soul snd how it functions in nature comes from modern hinduism and is derivied from the knowlege described in the Vedas.
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    Although I may be wrong because I don’t really know, I like to think that every living thing has some sort of soul inside of it.

    My mum always said that perhaps insects and other smaller, basic things have a shared soul, because they are so simple they wouldn’t need their own.
    Or perhaps they have their own, basic souls that grow over time and have the potential to become more complex creatures?

    On the other hand you could argue at what point is a thing a conscious thing. You could argue that some creatures are so basic they don’t have a conscious awareness and are more like robots carrying out a task over and over.
    In this case, a group soul or no soul at all would be a better explanation but I personally do not know.

    I Personally believe that either every living thing on earth has a soul, (although I’m not sure about bacteria, virus’ etc. They don’t seem like they’d need one), but the souls are all at different levels of growth, so that eventually a worm could become a cat etc..OR we are all locked into our current level of growth and smaller things like a fly or ant would have a group soul that takes care of things bc they’re so basic.

    One of Jim Tucker’s books talked about a boy remembering being a snake that was killed by a hunter, and then when he met the hunter who killed the snake he got really angry and started hitting him. He then recalled the event which the hunter said was true. (boy was a toddler, so don’t worry X3)
    I believe in another case there was a boy who remembered being a Chimpanzee or another kind of monkey and he said he remembered falling into a box and waking up in a zoo and that someone had thrown a candy bracelet at him but he didn’t know what to do with it. (It’s sort of like remembering having a different level of intelligence.)

    So there’s that! Sorry I can’t help more. Maybe we can switch up what we want to be? So for instance you could pick to come back as a lion instead? X3 I’m sure someone else on here has a better idea than me, though.
    Although I can’t tell you if this dream was real, about 2 years after my cat died I was having a normal random dream and then suddenly my dream made me appear on my street and a lady came to me and said “he wanted to see you” and then my cat appeared. It was really strange that I was interrupted and then after I stroked him for a bit the dream went completely back to normal, haha.

    Final thing. There are a group of Hindu’s that believe so strongly that every creature is a living thing that they walk very slowly with a brush and sweep the pavement in front of them to ensure they don’t crush any insects. That’s some dedication right? I personally try to move any large bug that is in danger of being crushed by other people. It’s kinda crap when you walk somewhere and you see the flat remains of a dozen worms X3

    Sorry I can’t help more!
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    Everything is made of matter, matter can be affected by physical waves, and viceversa. That is the soul, some sort of organized physical waves that in the abscence of its "original matter" can affect another instead. Everything has a soul, how could it not? Even rocks have a soul, since they are made of matter. What happens if I break a rock to pieces? Well I don't know, but I assume the physical waves affecting it are somehow still around, things don't just vanish, they merge with other things, that's how nature seems to work.

    I don't believe in human supremacy. It's just a concept created by Christianity in Genesis that simply got catchy ( or maybe it's older, I wouldn't be surprised because of syncretism). Why is a human better than an ant in any sense? Because they are bigger? Because we can write and have technology? The ant doesn't need to be big, nor write, nor have technology, it's perfectly adapted to its environment as it is. We assume a lot of things about other species, but as everything we judge in reality, we do it from subjectivity. I don't know what is the spiritual life of a bee, I have no idea, I'm not a bee. Maybe they are incredibly spiritual, maybe they are greedy and selfish, maybe they experience life so differently that those concepts don't even apply. Do we say they don't have a soul because they don't have a personality that we can distinguish? Doesn't it make more sense that we simply don't understand them than that they don't have a soul? Not so long ago even certain human races "didn't have a soul" either.

    Bugs get killed often? Certainly. Life is an exchange of "energy". For one person to live another day, plants and animals have to die. Nature eats nature, and stays in nature.
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    Andy P,

    I will try to answer this as best I can. In my opinion the purpose and reason for reincarnation is basically the evolution of the soul (consciousness itself) and the expansion of awareness. This includes all life in the cosmos not just humans. So all life is striving towards the next step or stage of evolution within consciousness itself. However in order for soul to reach the stage of a individualized ego which is self aware as in human beings and some primates, dolphins ect.. it takes soul millions upon millions of years to reach this level. Once it has achieve this stage of awareness it does not go back into the animal kingdom. It is always a progression forward. However there are other species of beings in the cosmos that are far more advance than that of man. Some don't even live on the physical plane at all as they have taken on another line of evolutionarily procession as soul. So for them their lowest expression for them to manifest would be the astral plane but that's another topic.

    Bugs, insects, wild animals return to their group soul when they die. This is because as soul they have not yet reached a individualized state of consciousness yet like that of man. So they return to their group state of consciousness bringing with them their experiences they had on the earth plane. This will be added to the group soul state of being until they reach a more individualized state of consciousness that is self aware. In essence a ego. From their the souls inner bodies which are the mental and emotional bodies will start to development in aiding the souls in self awareness state towards soul awareness and eventually god consciousness.

    As for your friend that recently passed I'm sure he or she is residing on one of the higher dimensions living out their heaven life before deciding to return to the earth plane. As time is needed after death to review the life just lived and work out and realize dreams, hopes and aspirations that the lower ego could not fulfill during life on earth. This way the soul can fully realized all aspects of the inner self and the potential it has within before deciding to come back to the lower worlds of duality for yet another rounds of life here on the physical plane. For it is here where the evolution of consciousness occurs. Which is why we keep coming back so often until the soul feels it has experienced all that it can within the limits of time, space and matter.

    Hope this helps some. Don't worry about your friend as they are still apart of your life more than you realized. As even though they don't have a physical body anymore they are still apart of your life just in a different way now until such a time when you return to the spirit state of being once again when it is time for you to graduate from the physical world. Nothing is ever loss in the cycle we call life.

    Love and peace P.
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