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    Hi, this may seem terribly silly of me but would just like to ask if my fear out on the roads ( driving car or sitting beside the driver ) could have to do with "pushed down" past life memories ?

    I have found one of my past self's identity and she experienced the loss of an ex boyfriend due to a car accident, ( my memory of this is that I began to cry more and more while being locked in a bathroom ) and then another friend ( a woman ) in a car accident as well few years later. I have memories of this friend, ( and as it turned out she being reborn had memories of me too, even more than I had ) but I got zero from hearing the news of her accident and my response after -- it is just blank from that life.

    I have been married now for long and even though I know my husband is a very good driver I can't help but pointing out "Oh, careful -- " and so on. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband. I am surprised he has not asked me to go out of the car : ) ( and when I drive he thinks I am being too careful ).

    Further back in another past life I have the experience of seeing my former husband in a car accident, hurting his head.

    Could my fear had to do with not being in accidents myself but still being effected by it as people I deeply cared about past away this way ? Should one try to regress to the news of my friend's death -- will that fix the problem ?

    Anyone else who had had it this way that got helped by regressing or will it just make it worse ?

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    Acceptance. Our journeys encounter many highs and lows, traumas and ecstasies, big and small ... they all have the chance of imprinting the soul or whatever this mystical vehicle is. I think we are a sum total of our past lives; things that are realized, things we take for granted, things we've yet to discover, and for the most part things we'll never know. We exist as the culmination of life in all its splendid and mysterious ways. Acceptance and gratitude, with a sprinkle of wisdom, will help us overcome anything negative or adverse ... with gratitude, accept the thought, and go for the ride...

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