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    SO, all of my life I have been averse to anything regarding the Old West. I have no good reason for wanting nothing to do with it, nor have I ever had any interest in visiting the west. That said, I am currently in Colorado for work and I have fallen IN LOVE with it to the point I would move here tomorrow if the opportunity arose. I am not saying this is a PL thing or not but it is definitely something I'd love to check into at some point. Suddenly, my entire opinion has changed in the last 2 days. I find myself wondering if I had a bad PL experience in the West but now that I am back I am possibly remembering some of the good things about it. Who knows?
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    Hi Christina,

    Maybe. OTOH, I have found that a lot of times, for one reason or another (maybe PL related), I have made choices in or about this life and what it should be and what I should be that conflict with who or what I associate with PL identities. So, the reasons for rejecting something you may have otherwise liked could be because what you associate with it in this life didn't comport with what you want to be or like in this life. You say you had no "good" reason for wanting nothing to do with it, but that leaves a lot of room. A "good" reason would leave out all of the emotional reasons or ideas that you have had, perhaps vaguely, associated with the Old West and that have led to some degree of antipathy on your part. So, yeah, it could be PL related, but that may be because the life that was led or the life that you led in that time and place are so totally in conflict with what and who you want to be or how you see the world now, etc. I know I'm muddying the water a bit, but I think that the reasons for avoiding PL memories and associations can be a lot broader than PL trauma.


    PS--Your picture sets the tone for a strong and independent woman. Old West images and perhaps realities are/were not particularly conducive to this type of life. OTOH, perhaps you were a person, maybe a male, who strongly disapproved of this type and had very fixed ideas on the subject (in keeping with the era). I have found that PL related antipathies as well as PL trauma can play a role in both my ability to access PL memory and the ideas and antipathies I have had in this life.
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