Concerns about past life regressions from someone with an open mind

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    A long time ago in high school I stayed after school with some classmates for a hypnosis demonstration given by a teacher who was also a hypnotist in his spare time. One of my classmates, Dennis proved to be an excellent subject. He went into a very deep trance. While there, the teacher told Dennis he was from Venus and to speak to us in the Venutian language. Dennis started talking in what sounded like a highly articulate language. Since then I have been very impressed with the creative powers of the human brain and this incident made me wary of pursuing past life regression therapy. There is always the question in my mind that if Dennis could make up an entire language on the spot what would happen to me if a hypnotist told me to go back to a past life? Would my brain comply by instantly cooking up new memories on the spot? Even if I had a memory of a name and details I could look up in a public record somewhere, how would I know that the hypnotist didn't implant those in me.

    In the decades following that incident I developed an interest in Buddhism out of an interest in meditation and the philosophy in the religion for helping people get through life.

    Two summers back I lost my last parent at the time of other big events in my life.

    Quite frankly, like Fox Mulder, "I want to believe". A conviction in reincarnation would help me adjust much better in "rest of my life". I would feel better about opportunities I missed, things I am losing as I age, and the many people in my life starting to pass on.

    I had a hard time adjusting to those changes from that summer. I've been in therapy. It is starting to help. I do have the thought that as much as I would want past life memories I wouldn't want it now. I think it would be a life changing event and it might not be a good thing to have plopped down in the middle of a busy life and my current problems. One thing at a time. Then again, if not now when? Life will never get settled and stay settled.

    I've been a regular meditator for over 10 years. I've had lots of nice mental states. I was hypnotized when I was younger, but it never felt much deeper than a nice relaxation, I have my doubts about what a light hypnosis session could do.

    Thanks for letting me air my thoughts and thanks for any thoughts you might like to contribute.

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    Hi Steve. I sincerely hope you continue along your journey in recovery form the death of your parent and wish you the best of success with it.

    If you're thinking of seeing or have seen a hypnotist for past life regression, please make sure that they specialize in that area and that you are also free to record the session. You can do that easily on your cell phone and it will give you a record of everything that was said during the regression.

    I can understand your concerns about imagination and having things planted in your mind. Most of us who are doing research approach it very scientifically in that through regression, meditation and so on, we look to be able to pull out as many details that we can. We then look to verify those in many ways.. historical records, asking questions here, genealogical records etc.

    I admit that it does take a certain level of honesty with yourself and intuition to be successful at it, but it can be done by anyone. You have to go where the facts lead you. A lot of times, we have a comfort level with or interest in cultures and times periods that are not our own. This is a good start in looking for clues to a past life, but we also need to be careful that we're looking for actual clues and not just a quick validation of our fascination.

    It takes some practice, but rest assured, most of us work intently to know that we pulled a clue out of ourselves and that was also something we could not have known before, simply to rule out our imagination and having ideas implanted in our heads.

    Anyway, welcome!! and good luck :)
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    Hi Guest,

    A fairly typical representation of people looking into past lives portrays them as being credulous and eager to believe. I have not found that to be true. There are some with strong memories who simply remember, typically without the aid of hypnosis, often from childhood. However, even here I have found that many like to do the research and seek confirmation where they can. Others have very patchy memories, ranging from mere impressions/unaccountable phobias and anomalous emotions/traits to strange and repetitive dreams, etc. Many seek to learn more through meditation and/or some form of regression hypnosis. However, most are aware of the pitfalls and problems. In addition, the false regression memories of childhood sexual abuse implanted by clumsy and suggestive hypnotic regressionists created a scandal and a much more healthy and cautious approach to the area. Overall, the subconscious seems eager to please. It certainly seems willing to create "memories" in response to leading questions and suggestive inquiry, and even (unfortunately) to come up with something to answer a query if only to fill the void left by the question. Hence, great caution is required. Nonetheless, the fact that false memories exist does not discount the fact that true memories also exist. When it came to his first patient who went into a past-life under hypnosis, Dr. Weiss eventually concluded that her memories of traumas (large and small) in past lives were true. The reason--only recalling and dealing with real events is healing. He has stuck with this basic insight. People got better when he got down to the roots of their problems with them and dealt with them. This happened when he dealt with things that happened in the current lifetime, but it also happened when it occurred with regard to things that happened in the past lifetimes they recalled under regression. This is a simplification of the many things he has found, and I heartily recommend his books on many levels.



    PS--Many or even most of us are probably just like you. We try to feel our way forward on this thing, while maintaining a healthy level of skepticism--i.e., one that remains skeptical where a leap of faith is required, but is not willing to deny the clear and obvious just to satisfy the artificial standards of a materialistic age.
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    I stand almost alone on this forum when I say there are no such things as past life memories, because who we are the pure spiritual us never dies. We continue on incarnation after incarnation. In my belief system its important to understand the differences between the physical and the spiritual, especially when it come to previous memories. In saying that as you understand it can be difficult separating fact from fiction, even under hypnosis's

    All of our physical problems and flaws are generated by the current physical entity, its physical and mental makeup,events and experiences and so on during the incarnation. When the physical dies never to return all of those problems and flaws dies with the physical entity. But that that does not stop some people from believing some of their current problems and flaws, deep seated desires, needs and attitudes have been passed onto them from a previous physical entity the pure spiritual them occupied. To believe that then you would also have to believe that the pure spiritual us suffers from these same physical problems which have to be sorted out during future incarnations. Its unrealistic to believe the spiritual suffers from physical complaints, that's just not possible.

    If you do believe all of these things then you would also have to believe that the spiritual is a negative force on a new physical entity it occupies, which it certainly is not. Yes the pure spiritual us does continue to learn from each incarnation. Its all about the spiritual not the physical. I think deep down most understand that, but that has been lost and confused by those looking for reasons other than their physical self why their physical is what it is.

    Its my belief its of great importance to understand the following. We are who we perceive ourselves to be, both physically and spiritually. Both are generated by our physical brains
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    Hi John Tat,

    WOW! I just became a member of "Past Life Forum" and intended to post here about a past life regression hypnosis. Now, I must think about your belief system before I do so, even though the past lives presented to me were not as human lives.

    Disregarding the actual hypnosis drawbacks I'd be interested to know what you think is happening when young children (some as soon as they can speak) claim to be another person?

    Have you considered this possibility......that after a human body dies and only the spirit/soul remains that the soul retains the lessons learned, the karma made and paid, etc. BUT the soul DOES NOT SUFFER from any of these because the soul (pure spiritual, as you express it) perceives the whole human experience as lessons, as growth. There is no pain just love because otherwise what is the point of human existence? Isn't it all about spirit and all about energy? We, as humans are never separate from our soul are we?

    I am sorry, John Tat, I'm feeling confused and don't want to sound as if I'm on a soapbox! I seem to be going in circles in my mind, and getting things tangled up! I don't think I quite understand what you mean starting from, "Yes the pure spiritual us does continue to learn from each incarnation..." How, if the human suffering isn't carried on into the spiritual realms?

    Our soul is with the human body isn't it? If so wouldn't our soul know all along what is happening here and wouldn't it all already be a part of the soul at the time of its departure from Earth?

    Lastly, I promise (for now anyway, haha), I don't believe we can possibly be who we perceive ourselves to be. Our physical brains have so much hidden that we do not consciously know about. If we don't know about all that is in our mind's memories we, therefore, we couldn't know to perceive ourselves the way we are? or, do you mean we should just be thinking about how we want to be and perceive that as ourselves? ah, oh, there goes my twisted, circular thoughts again! AND, the last of this is that I do not believe our physical brains are capable of understanding/perceiving what WE are spiritually. "WE" are part of a "WHOLE" so big, so everything, much of which we know nothing, that just to have that one thought is overwhelming. Our "hearts brain" would get closer to any understanding....through meditation, etc.

    I'm finished writing but my brain is still busy, so be aware!

    PS First thought is that I've decided to write about the past regression hypnosis.

    PPS. John TAT, do you really believe there are no past life memories or are you just asking us to put them in a different format? This being that our past lives are part of us at all times and not in the past at all? OOOKKK, I really am going now, Ta Ta.
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    John, I think you are "splitting hairs" with your first sentence of your last post. My interpretation of "Past life memories" is equivalent to Past-incarnation memories, something you have talked about previously. A single soul existence is one thing and the incarnations that soul experiences is something else.

    To me, the super abilities of very young children to sing, paint, or some other talent way beyond their expected abilities seems best explained by the effects of a prior incarnation. Likewise, fears and phobias would just as likely carry over if they were not resolved in a prior incarnation.

    In your following statement you seem to be mixing apples with oranges with your stated assumption.

    "But that that does not stop some people from believing some of their current problems and flaws, deep seated desires, needs and attitudes have been passed onto them from a previous physical entity the pure spiritual them occupied. To believe that then you would also have to believe that the pure spiritual us suffers from these same physical problems which have to be sorted out during future incarnations. Its unrealistic to believe the spiritual suffers from physical complaints, that's just not possible."

    It does not follow that the soul suffers physical complaints, the incarnated personality does.

    But, maybe that's just my craziness!
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    Hi Patusanz I will do my best to answer your questions based on my belief's. As I have said over and over again on this forum, my beliefs are my beliefs and that's how it is for me. I'm not looking for or want others to understand or believe what I believe. I just express my beliefs

    Firstly. Children's previous memories...I believe they do have them in some form, but to what extent is very much open to debate I will explain why through my own experiences. I have memories of events going all the way back to when I was two year's old. My father and especially my mother had great difficulty coming to terms with these memories, and how it happened. when later on in life I told them about them. Just one example of many. When I told my mother she then also remembered and was

    astounded because she said you would have been barely two when that happened. I remember she put me in a green stroller with a green canopy on top to shade me from the sun and went shopping. As she pushed me along I became intrigued by a piece of thread hanging down in front of me from the canopy of the stroller . What intrigued me was how it shook and moved from the vibrations of the stroller as it was pushed along. I could not take my eye's off it. Then at a point she tossed a loaf of bread up the back seat of the stroller. it was only later on I understood it was a loaf of bread. As I said when I told her this she was shocked. Now I will get to how this has relevance to previous memories. It has relevance because these memories carried over into my daily life.. For example I did not understand who my parents were but I felt safe with them. I did not understand where they laid me down to sleep but I felt safe because it was always the same place. The dog scared the **** out of me. Most likely because he was different and I did not feel safe when he was around, because again I did not understand what he was. I liked the sun I don't know why it just made me feel good

    There is much more but that is enough. The point I'm trying to make is, my young and undeveloped brain did not have the capacity to understand and comprend in a proper manner what was going on around me and who the people were. As I said as long as I felt safe everything was OK, and I most certainly felt attached to those who made me feel safe. I know beyond any doubt because I remember living through it there was no possibility at two, three, four or even five years old I could have understood and comprehended complex physical memory let alone communicate it. My brain just did not have the capacity to do that. Ken J talks about the abilities of young children being connected to previous memories. What I believe is, they are not memories but abilities coming from a place in the spiritual self not attached to its spiritual memories. Our spiritual self is far more than just memory Because millions of people believe in children's previous lives does not make its true, just the same as millions of people believing in ghosts does not make that true either. Through all of this I do believe in children's previous memories but in a limited way.. Why? Because from my own experiences I believe there are cases when the spiritual us does not have complete control over its memories early on in an incarnation it is over active and some do filter through In my case it took the form of having and retaining very early memories. I don't know how it happened it just happened. It many ways this over active spiritual me has been there all of this physical life. This is also an explanation of what Ken was talking about. So I accept abilities can be passed on through a spiritual process and also very basic memories to the physical brain, but the brain has to have developed enough to understand them. Almost all of my memories of previous life events comes through a source or guide if you prefer that term. But where my scepticism kicks in with children is, when I believe there was no possibility a young physical brain could have come up with what has been claimed it did on its own

    I have run out of time I have just as much again but will do it next time

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    Hi John T,

    Thank you for the beautiful childhood memories you shared and the very through answer re part of your beliefs. Yes, I understood that you did not expect anyone else to accept your belief system and you were only sharing this with Steve (guest). I think we all are in different places in our spiritual growth and this reflects in our beliefs. There is no right or wrong.

    You believe that the soul is holding all it's lessons from each of our reincarnations and while we are in human form we do not have these memories. I believe that we hold ALL within our bodies, everything we have ever experienced since we came into being. Not that we know past lives or anything else consciously, but it is there if we know how to access it so that we can understand ourselves more. I came to believe this because of my healing work with cellular memory... which may not be compatible with your belief system.

    Of course, you are correct, we are a soul experiencing human life. It is easy to forget this as we go about our daily life...some people suggest that we look at ourselves here as if we are in a isn't real. Some believe being here is being in a prison because of our circular path with karma. Thoughts are more powerful than we can ever know and no doubt we do effect and cause much in our lives with them. It is good to be aware, always what we are projecting with the way we think, but this does not mean that other things within us do not also effect us. We don't know all the many ways this could happen and I don't really think it matters "how" these issues come up in our lives, but many people want to know everything they can re the why, where, how, when etc. It can be very time consuming finding out about the causes but does not hurt anyone. I no longer care to know too much about the cause or focus on that aspect...only about the lessons and releasing whatever needs to happen for healing.

    However, we are trying to establish whether hypnosis is a useful tool to remove unwanted issues in our lives. You believe past lives do not effect our physical being here and that is fine since your belief does not hurt anyone. But, are you saying that hypnosis doesn't help people resolve the issues they have....or that you disagree as to where the difficulties came from?

    I think hypnosis is a method that helps people to understand their issues and can help resolve them too. But then again, i think that ANY SYSTEM/METHOD will work to remove pain and patterns from us if we truly BELIEVE it will. There are those strong thoughts again! If we ask for help and it is for our highest good it will be done. It is all about intention and belief. Placebos work because we think they will.

    I have and do use many methods to help myself and others and they are all viable for me. Many people have a practice they trust more than others or find easier. You have a guide contacting you through meditation? Hypnosis works better for some. I found the hypnosis secession I had surprising but did learn a lot from it. It is an interesting and sometimes fun way to learn.

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    Hi Steve,

    It was interesting reading of your experience with Dennis, your classmate, getting hypnotised. Even though you were impressed it seems you atomatically didn't believe your friend could speak a language w/o some kind of trickery. Therefore, making you distrust the process and even be afraid of it. I have talked to others with the same feelings of fear/losing control and always find it surprising. This could be because I knew that we can record the process and be specific about what we want, or perhaps am too trusting!

    I also was feeling "stuck" somehow, in my life and went to a hypnotist with lots of questions about myself and what direction and changes I should make for my highest good. The past life regression sounded like an interesting experience even if I brought back nothing helpful from it. The secession helped me establish equilibrium in life again. But Steve there wasn't any urgency from the secession that I "had to do something right now." So, it doesn't seem necessary for you to consider the busyness of your life as a deterrent. You can sit on whatever you find out for as long as you wish.

    You should consider what you want from a secession. Do you feel that the experience of having past lives come up under hypnosis enough proof of reincarnation? or would you need confirmation that the person you were in the past life exsisted? There is certainly plenty of evidence of past lives from children and adults w/o being hypnotized yourself if you feel afraid of it.

    The hypnotist recorded it all and I had asked that I remember it as well. So, I was aware of all the proceedings. Three lives which were to be the most important for me now were brought up. Then, My higher self/consciousness was asked if we could find out what the lessons were in the lives. After that all the questions I had brought were answered. Sometimes my higher self said it was not for my highest good to know the answer! The hypnotist had many questions for my higher self about my progress as a soul and in this life.

    My only concern Steve, is that you may be expecting to feel a connection with your past lives. I don't know what others feel about their past lives later but mine were too different for me to feel connected to them. However, I still think about them, still see and hear what was going on. Much of what I recall was not recorded because, in the main I only answered questions.

    I was told to not have any expectations about what might happen during the hypnosis and think that is good advise.

    You will know soon if you are to use hypnotherapy Steve! After all, you've put the question out there now and it will be answered.

    All the best and Cheers,

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    Sorry, I meant session instead of secession!coffee I need some.

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