Confusing Tudor Era Past Life Regression?

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by Alisanne, Feb 28, 2020.

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    I had a past life regression but halfway through, everything became scarily focused on this woman.

    This didn't go to plan like the other ones I have done. I saw things but it was like I was fighting against myself from seeing anything. The door I opened was black with metal bars holding the wood together and a rose (looks like the Tudor rose but might not be) engraved on the golden handle. It opened up with me stood on stone with something like a doorway behind me. It was early morning and there was a staircase going up. I couldn't make out clothing but I had a black Tudor style hat on with a large black father on the right hand side. I looked about late thirties. My hair was curly and auburn (about just past my ears). I had facial hair and my eyes a grey-blue colour. I was also a man (not shocked though as I have been told by a psychic that is most likely my first incarnation as a female). When asked the year, I got 1537 in the end of the year. I liked falcons and horse riding (it was odd, almost like my hands were clutching the reigns) and I was a lover of strawberries. Up until this point is was normal but then everything went odd when I got asked to see someone important to me. It was just a new born baby. I found nothing about it but the image of sitting by a window with a new born baby in my arms. I didn't get to see anyone else from that life time just that baby and a woman that appeared next.

    It was like this woman derailed everything. I asked myself for the third time to see someone else important and this woman with strawberry hair was there, looking over me like I was a child in bed. She has a slightly hooked nose, freckled face and her hair was pulled back in a Tudor style head-dress (almost like a hat) but there was always a strand of hair that escaped by the side of her head that I pulled and twisted my finger around (I was confused by this point). Then when I was meant to look around my home, I was being held by the same woman looking at a candle in a holder on the wall watching the wax melting and she was told off by someone for some reason. She then vanished for a moment as I asked to see something important to my life at that point. All I managed to get was seeing a crowd through a doorway, a large crowd and being stood in front of them with a necklace of green and red gems around my neck. I was about ten years old. I was frightened but trying to be brave. Then an image of me sitting on a bench like chair in blue clothing, laughing. Then it went back to this woman who was smiling at the grown man, smiling at me from a set of stairs. I proceeded to chase her up the stairs but not out of anger, out of fear of loosing her.

    The last thing I really got was my death which was just me laid in bed looking at the sunlight on my pillow, in too much pain to move. There was a fire on and then looking at a candle burning by the window at night. My legs, stomach, and head hurt but I seemed out of it. Then I was asked what I did after I died and I just started running after the woman up the stairs. I remember her smile more than anything, it was warm and nice. I also remember liking the smile of who I was but I got the feeling I didn't smile enough.

    Why was I not able to see past this woman? (I think she might have been my mother) Everything was smooth and it was like my subconscious answered the questions until she showed up then it seemed almost like she became the focus of everything. It was almost like no one was important to me in my life other than woman and the newborn baby I held within my arms. I saw no friends and I felt very alone during the session, like I wasn't wanted.

    Also any ideas to what I could have been? I guess I had wealth as I saw no hard work to be done and was dressed in nice clothing so I must have been something important? Maybe a Lord?

    I don't have anyone else to chat with about these sort of things so any help will be much appreciated. It is also worth noting that I have a good relationship with my mother in this life so it was odd to experience. I feel sad for whoever I was in this life as I seemed to have a lot but I couldn't have the only thing I wanted which was the woman from when I was a child.

    Thanks in advance for any replies I get.
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    Hi Alisanne.

    Welcome to the forum.
    Interesting regression. I think the best you can do is another regression to this time. Don't feel rushed, because too many regressions on a row in a short period of time are not good for your mental state. Let it all sink in and one day when you feel ready, try to go back.
    If you think this woman was a motherly figure and you couldn't reach her somehow in your later years, she might have been your nanny or a kind like a caregiver. This happened all the time with rich children in the past. They were nursed and raised by women that were not their mother (but bonded of course) until they reached a certain age (the age of seven for example).
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    Hi , interesting thanks for sharing. For me people have been erased from my past life because there is something psinful attached to them. They will come forwards in its own time, when one is ready to understand and receive the pain.

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