Consciousness before brain?

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    Interesting thought/premise/ possibly.

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    I have been saying for a long time.. after my NDE I was sure the physical brain and our soul/ spiritual shares the same consciousness and that is the connection between us.. for a short time I did in part cross over to me spiritual self and as I have reported before my consciousness abilities went through the roof.. I did in part for a short time experience consciousness as my spiritual self does ... I was very surprised by what Deborah said .... Since my experience I always believed and I though everyone else believed that consciousness comes first.. My brain came second to the abilities of our consciousness... the abilities of our consciousness was there first .. it had to be otherwise my brain would always experience consciousness as my spiritual self does
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    The soul never becomes physical, but it attaches itself to the body through energetic connections between the physical, emotional and mental layers. When this version of the body was designed, there were filters installed, so the mind, for example, gets muted signals from the soul. If you picture the soul connecting to the body at the "center point", which is between the heart and the solar plexus, there are energetic strings that attach to the different layers that make up the body, and it is through these tiny strings that the emotional and mental aspects get input from the soul. A person can deliberate seek that input, or reject it and act like an animal. That is both the challenge and purpose of a soul coming here. Consciousness is an active interface between the corporal body and the spirit, but we can deliberately steer and control the direction consciousness (or emotion) takes. Our decision in this regard, moment by moment, creates the scroll we eventually evaluate during our life review.
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    It sounds like old news to me ... :)

    Renee Descartes, the celebrated 17th century French philosopher, is best known for saying, “I think, therefore I am.” Oddly enough, Renee had it backwards. If you’ll pardon the pun, he had “de-cart before de-horse.” He should have said, “I Am, therefore I think.” - Frank Kinslow​

    I know that when I ask a question while in hypnotic trance, I get the answer before I finish my question.
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    i once believed i've had a memory of existing before birth... an identity in darkness(envision the womb)
    while my current incarnation is quite earth bound, growing up, i would feel strongly towards my experience

    it's a lovely read, thank you for sharing this article...
    even though it was not the focal point of the story,
    this line really stood out to me

    a dream that has launched my spiritual journey, where i was propelled into space and essentially another reality of space, where geometric shapes and particles moved in unison with the sound or rhythm of the breath- when i took notice my dream state blended with physical reality as i awoke to a still sleeping body entering some type of panic attack, this experience reminds me of the proposed theory above

    anyways, i appreciate the new resource and will enjoy exploring the site :)
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