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Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by RunningWind92, Jan 12, 2018.

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    Hi everyone. So I've really never experienced these emotions before. Today is a cloudy, overcast, rainy and foggy day. All day I have felt depressed. I keep seeing a pier and a boat in back of my mind. I think in my last life, in the 19th century, one of the last few memories I had was getting on a boat at a pier in the wintertime or earlier. I know such things can happen but is it possible today was the day I died in my last life? And does the weather have something to do with it? Also, I need to take a medication in order to get my menstrual cycle and it can cause PMS. I'm not sure where this is stemming from. Thank you all for your help.
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    It's possible. It's also possible that the cloudy weather is triggering your memory of a similar day and important event of a past life. That sort of recall has occurred for me, on hot/humid days, or whilst taking hot showers I have had flashback type memories to a previous life where I was in the humid/oppressive heat of SE Asia.
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    There is a possibility. I reckon that I was most likely killed near Christmas time in my latest life, so every Christmas I feel that way. It's probably the weather too.

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