Cyclical patterns of birthdates and deaths

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Does your family tree show any cyclical patterns of births or deaths?

  1. Our family shares a common date for births and deaths.

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  2. Our family shows no cyclical patterns.

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  1. V Nolder

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    Oct 29, 2017
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    I was standing over top of my friends grave processing my life, his life, and wondering how things could have turned out: Who would he be today? Why did his time end at such a young age? Somewhere in my thoughts, during the painful confusion, I felt pulled over to an adjacent grave stone. I noticed a husband and wife buried together. Both of them were born on the same day. With my curiosity ignited, it felt as if someone turned my head for me, focusing my eyes in the other direction. “Huh,” I thought out loud. Right next to this grave stone, this person, was also born on that day. Now, I’m starting to speed up, it was like a rush; I was rushing. I couldn’t wait to see what the other dates on the surrounding stones were. I started racing from one grave marker to the next. Every tombstone seemed perfectly orchestrated to create an intentional message. Turned out, six stones, all grouped together, formed a cross. All of them had one thing in common, the exact same birthday! All of them were related to each other. I didn’t understand it, how can this be explained?
    I had another secret I was keeping. I told myself that I would take it to my grave. That no one would believe me anyways. I just can’t sleep at night anymore lying there thinking about all the possibilities that exist for us, possibilities that we reject every day. Before I tell you the rest of my unbelievable circumstances, I must share this with you.
    I have been inspired my whole life with this idea that the days we are born on and die on are all connected. What seem to be coincidences may actually be synchronized events. In an effort to prove who we were we laid out an unmistakable blueprint. Consisting of cyclical birthdates and days that family members would die and be born on. Hoping, generations far into the future would be able to figure it out. That is, who we were in a past life. I find it truly amazing if you trace your family tree you will discover a pattern.
    “the Fly In Your Drink” is the rest of my story. I can’t wait to share and connect with like minded people. Talk Soon!-v Nolder
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    Welcome, V! It seems like some groups do use dates to organize birth and death. I've seen other, similar theories on this topic as well. Not everyone (or every family) seems to apply this pattern, but that's to be expected since people live and die for different reasons and not all remain connected to specific genetic lines from one life to the next.

    As a new member, we invite you to take a look at the posting guidelines as soon as possible. There are a few topic restrictions that surprise some people given the nature of this forum, so it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with them early on. Have fun exploring. There are a lot of interesting discussions going on here.

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