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Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by KiddyKhat, Jul 9, 2018.

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    Hello this is my second post im making i was on google maps and i wanted to look for audrey hepburns former houses and i did and i had the strangest feeling like i've been there before but i havent so i decided to look up images of audrey.

    some of them were her in somalia and i saw this kid who audrey was holding and i kinda reconized him like i met him like it was deja vu ive been reading about audrey's past and her career and i kinda had the same traits.

    i've always wanted to be an actress which audrey was an actress and when i was younger i really wanted to become a dancer and audrey was a dancer and audrey was in a organization of helping other kids and people and so. am i. its kind of the same we help kids get homes and food. which is total deja vu for me.

    my family also said i was really weird because when i would watch my favorite tv sows i would act out the same exact thing on the tv and this went on for years i also tried out dancing and singing for myself then i started battling depression and audrey did too then i started gathering some things about my past life that felt out of place.

    like i would have a memory of being at a certain lake even though i havent been at that lake and i saw of audrey in a certain and i clearly remember being there its crazy how reincarnated kids could or not remember there past lives this like me like anyone.

    i also felt like an indigo everytime i would do something that this generation is doing i just feel like an alien i dont feel like i belong i had a love for a culture like the the 20th century and i feel like an old soul and i just feel so sorry for this generation.

    and i also had memories of being in a certain place like a dance studio even though i havent been in one before in my life i have memories of being in certain gardens like this one time i saw a picture of audrey and her grandmother when audrey was just around 5 years old i felt as if i have been there before but i havent all im saying is i am VERY certain i was audrey and i know it and its crazy how people could die and in a short amount of time just come back like this.
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    I can relate a bit to what you’re saying.

    The town I’m from was relatively booming in the Victorian era and much of the town still has that look and feel to it. Lots of brick roads and old Victorian homes, ect. Our downtown also still has a very Victorian look and feel to it, and on the corner of one of our main streets downtown, there’s this large three story building that’s clearlt still from that time period. I don’t recall that exact building, but it’s similar enough to one that I actually owned in my Victorian lifetime that it’s kind of brought on a mental flash of “my” building. I’ve even gone in and looked around, though I was a bit disappointed that the set up inside was “wrong”.

    I think I’ve mentioned in other posts too that I sort of “knew” who I was before I knew, as in I didn’t quite know of past lives as a child, but “knew” somehow that I had done certain things before, but back then I always thought of it like “I’m another person in a different body.” When I stumbled upon information online about my PL, not actually even doing research, just scrolling on Facebook, the general story was like deja vu yet some information also felt off, I imagine because I know what’s right and not right on a deeper level.

    Not to sound edgy or creepy but I also had an obsession with medical shows when I was a child, as in I really enjoyed watching surgeries and seeing all the...everything. We’ll leave it at that. I’d prefer to keep my PL identity private at least on public posts, but knowing who I was, it makes a lot of sense.
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    Hi KiddyKhat,

    I guess no one can tell you for sure if you were Audrey or not. One thing is for certain, if reincarnation is a fact (and I firmly believe it is) then Audrey might be around today. Same for Napoleon and Socrates. Heck, someone out there probably was Stalin, so.. everything goes. Might also want to consider the chance that in a PL, you were a great fan of Audrey - while she was alive - and you relate now to your previous knowledge and feelings about her. No one knows better than you, that's for sure.

    I just want to point out something if I may. I'm 48, father of two, successful in business and consider myself stable and strong and yet, I've struggled and many times suffered greatly going on with this life, with the knowledge of who I've been, how I lived and died in a PL, for more than three years now - since I remembered. Mind you, I wasn't anyone famous. Mentioned somewhere in a book that sold a few thousand copies but that's it. Still, it's harsh and tricky and my only piece of advice would be, tread lightly in that path. You are in such a tender age that it can lead to unpleasant occurrences. Let it boil down a little, work on it internally. What matters most is this life.

    All said in a friendly manner :)
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    Yes. All of that. Kalos essentially boiled down a lot of what I find myself saying again and again.

    I will add that, while it is tempting to look into past life stuff, researching places and events tied to one's past lives (especially so for famous past lives), one really should pace themselves. I started too early and too quickly and got in over my head. Take it slow, do some research on past lives, regression, and karmic release before you push too much farther into specifics.
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    Hi, kiddy, I suggest for you to seek the help of a Psychologist who is involved in PL regressions, only in that way you will find out, who you really were. The reason why I advise you and everyone to seek the help of a professional, I'ts because during the regression the temperature of your body will drop to a postmortem stage, and it's very important that a professional be there.
    During my regression in 1978, I went back to 1750 In Vienna Austria, and 1450 B.C. Thebes, Egypt. For me it was an answer to my memories for the things I did in this life. I had memories since I was born of my life in Egypt and who I was. I just publish my life story of my past life as Pharaoh HATSHEPSUT. For everyone who will like to know how was my life then, and who were my love ones 3,500 years ago. I also, answer the many questions posed by archeologists and historian in my book, " HATSHEPSUT THE WOMAN WHO WAS PHARAOH " by Nely Emiliani, Right now I am trying to convert my book also in E-books and in Kindle for reader from all over the world to have acces to my book.

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