Does law of attraction really work?

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    Hi, I felt sorry afterwards when seeing how much I had written and decided to shorten it up, I thought it would be too boring to read all that, ha ha, but you did it -- thanks :)

    Yes, the information I got could not have come to me in any subconscious way. It was the other way around. I would read things and tell myself, see this is how it really was - you made your stuff up. But then as the years progressed, I got so much other evidence that my other remembering were how it had been. Then I was able to get verification that the way I had remembered it was really how it had been through my past life self's family's statements and ex boyfriend's statement, something so personal as extracts from his diary that was kept by a relative of his, and extracts of sessions with a psychiatrist he saw after the break up because they forced him, thought he had anger management troubles. But also in other ways that things has some to surface so many years after I had the memory, and things I never thought it would be possible for me to find validation for either.

    About the soul being outside the body...all I can relate to there so far is a grim scene that came to me during meditation. Back then being a woman, married, mother, working class, USA. Died of drowning in the 1920's. Was of mix color, my husband white ( only I somehow managed to be classified as white, living in my father's world, but in other ways they caught me, and I was afraid of that so I lived isolated ). Back then gambling, card games were forbidden, but my husband did so anyway. I remember coming to this place, a restaurant, in a haste, looking for him. My thoughts must have been on our boy, who was ill in some way and we were desperate for money to get him help/improve his state. So I was not as careful as I use to be. So this big guy, big arms lets me in the room where this card playing was suppose to be going on, but there was no one there. I think he either tried to rape me or he did rape me, this guy was damaged you know, had lack of empathy, in his world this was fair game as revenge to my husband who, I gathered, had won money from him. I was outside the body afterwards as I saw her get home. Now, I don't know if this was a way to protect me from feeling what she felt in the body and the physical pain, perhaps ?

    As I ghost in 2 past lives I see myself outside my body, of course, because then I am dead, but one thing that has puzzled me is that my ankle of seeing things, and people are always the same, kind off from the side, a bit up. But I did have the ability to zoom in as well, which I did in a scene when I watched my ex husband.

    I will surely check out what you give advice upon, think it sounds interesting too :)

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