Dogma Bites Man

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    But, given the destruction on the earliest texts before the scribes tinkered with their copies, the multiple translations, and nearly yearly "adjustments", what is there that was in the original scriptures of the thousand and more Christian denominations?
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    There is a way to verify the information contained in the Bible. Built into each and every verse is a type of 'Error Correcting Code' that ties directly to Science, Biology, Physics, etc.

    Those that have spent time studying this phenomenon describe it as a form of Hologram or even Spread Spectrum Technology... something that the Military would use to ensure a message gets through.

    For example, even if a page, or perhaps even an entire book is taken out of the Bible, there is still enough information spread out in the rest of the Bible to piece together a complete message. In other words, it's impervious to hostile jamming.

    This is one of the reasons the Bible seems to tell the same story over and over again, but a bit differently each time. Those with a good sense of Pattern Recognition are able to see it immediately.

    Bottom line...

    The Bible is a complete entity that was written outside of our Space/Time reality and transmitted to the Authors over thousands of years. We know this because much of the information that we've been able to decrypt thus far is so advanced, we are barely able to comprehend it now. There is simply no way in the world that ancient Man was that advanced as to be able to pull it off. It is an Engineering Masterpiece that only a Grand Architect could achieve.

    Have you seen the movie Contact? Do you know what a Primer is? The Primer is what is first learned in order to decode the rest of the message.

    I will now list some of the Primers that we have discovered thus far...

    *) 666 refers to the Carbon Atom.

    *) The number 7 has to do with Nitrogen... specifically Nucleobases... aka... the Word of God. In fact, there is Genetic Code woven into Scripture which is another part of the Error Correcting Code.

    *) The High Priest's Breastplate is a representation of the Standard Model of Particle Physics. The Twelve Tribes represent Twelve Particles of Matter among other things.

    *) The Tabernacle in the Wilderness is a scale model of a Eukaryotic Cell.

    *) The Godhead or Holy Trinity is a representation of the generic construct of the Atom. Father = Neutron, Word = Proton, Holy Ghost = Electron. These three are One.

    *) Ezekiel's Wheels describe Atomic Orbitals. The Eyes going round and round are Electrons.

    *) The Four Living Creatures represent the Four Forces of Nature.

    *) The Twenty Four Elders surrounding the Throne represent twenty four ribs surrounding a Heart. It is a picture Human Anatomy... specifically, Abraham's Bosom.

    *) The Saved that are described surrounding Abraham's Heart are in fact in Abraham's Bosom.

    *) New Jerusalem is Abraham's wife Sarah. It is a spiritual 'Multiverse Womb' in which the Seed of Abraham (those described in his Bosom) partake of Sarah's 'Fruit' (Tree of Life).

    *) Her Fruit can be likened to an Earthly Mother's Ovum, in which the Seed of Man partakes in the Moment of Conception.

    *) The Forbidden Fruit is a picture of the Earthly Mother's Ovum. Blood is a word used sometimes to describe Seed/DNA. Thus the Forbidden Fruit is also Blood.

    *) Drinking the Blood of Jesus is a hint as to what happened in the Garden of Eden. Blood got us into this mess, Blood gets us out. Again... conception.

    *) This is what Marriage Supper of the Lamb means. Those that partake in the Marriage Supper (eating of Sarah's Fruit) will become Born Again into a new Glorified Body.

    *) The Book of Revelation begins with Jesus holding Seven Stars in his hand. He is holding a Nucleobase representing the Word of God which is DNA.

    *) The 'Lamb with Seven Eyes' is a Nucleobase. It sits on the Heart Throne representing the Blood of the Lamb that flows through the Heart.

    *) The Seat of Satan is in Pergamos where the Rod of Asclepius (Serpent on a Pole/Nehushtan) was worshiped.

    *) Nehushtan is a picture of RNA. Thus the 'Seat of Satan' is in our DNA. Lucifer. Phosphorus. Stones of Fire. Prince of the Power of Air/Nitrogen/Nucleobases.

    *) Lucifer was decorated with 'Precious Stones'. Those Stones are Nucleobases.

    *) The 'Stone with Seven Eyes' is a Nucleobase. The 'engraving' is a Genetic Sequence.

    *) The Two Witnesses that are the Two Olive Trees and are also Two Candlesticks are a picture of two Chromatids coming together to form a Chromosome.

    *) An Olive Tree is a Chromatid.

    *) The Candlestick is Mitochondrial DNA.

    *) The Ark of the Covenant is a Nucleolus. The components inside make up RNA/DNA.

    *) Two Tables of the Testimony = Nucleobases. Golden Pot of Manna = Deoxyribose. Aaron's Rod = Phosphorus.

    *) In the beginning was the Word = Software Code. Simulated reality. Yes, like a video game.

    *) The Word became flesh = DNA.

    *) The Tetragrammaton represents Words becoming DNA . Word (Y)/Express (H)/Join (V)/Express (H). YHVH.

    *) The Genesis Creation Account describes Software Development... i.e. Virtual Reality. A world of Waves and not Particles.

    *) Adam and Eve collapsed the Wave Function producing Particles. We call that event 'The Big Bang'.

    *) The Lake of Fire is the Mouth of the Womb... the 'Gates of Hell'. Hell is a parable for the Womb and Reincarnation.

    *) The Mark of the Beast is Transhumanism... i.e. altering the Word of God.

    *) Mark on the Right Hand = New Fingerprints/Palmprints = New Identity.

    *) Mark on the Forehead = New Facial Recognition Features = New Identity.

    *) Man will become a GMO product owned by a corporation instead of God.

    *) Transhumanism is the Unpardonable Sin.

    *) The Abomination of Desolation in the Holy Place is a picture of Genetic Engineering.

    *) Jacob's Ladder is DNA.

    *) The Bottomless Pit is where all life originated from.

    *) The 'Key' to the Bottomless Pit is the ability to create Life from the 'dust of the ground'.

    *) This Key will be given to...

    Etc. etc. etc.

    Once One has enough of these Primers, the rest of Code may then be put together in proper sequence.

    After that, Mankind needs to decide whether or not it wishes to build what is depicted in the Blueprints.

    Hint: It's not a Merkaba/Ezekiel's Wheel/Interdimensional Travel Device as depicted in Contact...

    It's much, much more.

    I have a feeling it's going to take a Quantum Computer A.I. to solve some of the more advanced Code, which may lead to a very big problem. The Image of the Beast comes to mind.
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