Dream That I Died

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    My dream recollection is very fuzzy this morning so the details are scattered... I got more sleep then normal but woke up feeling sleepy, even my coworkers say I look groggy.

    I was flying a machine similar to a hot air balloon in that, the wind highly influences its travel. It was different though because it was like a white box and built for one. I remember going high up and the winds were dangerous so I tried to lower the machine back down- when I did this a gust took me and threw me into a fence and the machine turned into white blankets in which I was immediately wrapped in as I rolled along the ground.

    After this I remember walking around a hall and seeing all kinds of crazy looking people- like they were from the circus or something. I saw my friend but he was missing his right arm like it had been chopped off a long time ago. He had a backpack and went his own way.

    I took a train and had to walk down a hall where wild beast walked next to me. I remember seeing a Lion on a leash, a Bob Cat brushed past my leg and a giant black wolf made itself known to me. He was extremely aggressive or easily provoked/wild- it was frightening.

    The further along the dream I remember someone telling me that I had died. I had to follow his voice and as I was lead into another room I discovered everything was a hologram. There weren't as many people as I had imagined, nothing was real except for maybe one or two people- there were tiny machines which I understood as projectors for the audience I thought was in the room with me.

    I know this doesn't really have any direction... Sometimes I just need to write these things out to better understand but it seemed important and has a definite effect on my energy levels today. In the dream it felt important to learn that I was dead and to watch my reality go from strange and lively encounters to really an empty traveling chamber with the exception of a few people. When I saw the machines they were in seats like I was on a train going somewhere.

    It's hard to get back into work mode today. Kind of lost in the feelings from the dream.
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