Dreams and conciousness

Discussion in 'Parapsychology' started by briski, Oct 25, 2018.

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    Not sure if its something i've read about, however im firmly in the belief that when we dream our conciousness has actually shifted to the astral plane to a certain level.
    At the higher end you can have a OBE's and lucid dreams
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    I don't really know what "astral" is, but ... when we dream, including OBEing and lucid dreaming, each one of us projects into their own individual slice of the imagination plane, where their subconscious is in control. That plane isn't the same one with where we come from when you incarnate, and where we return when we die.

    Our minds have two components: the conscious, and the subconscious. I don't consider the unconscious (that manages our physical bodies functionality) as part of the mind. When we fall asleep our conscious falls asleep, with its memory, reasoning, all conscious thinking.

    At the transitions into sleep, and out of sleep, there are the most favorable conditions for our conscious to communicate to our subconscious our wishes we want fulfilled.
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    I personally believe you go to the astral plane or some sort of place in between where corporeal and non corporeal spirits can interact. You need to read Daimonic Reality by Patrick Harpur briski. I really liked that book.

    I don’t believe my Dream characters are created by my subconscious anymore from my many and varied experiences. You are on the plane whether you realize it or not. The higher end of consciousness is where you realize the OBE and lucidity.

    If you ever get the chance to become lucid enough to control the conversation with dream characters, see how differently the dream characters react to these two statements. Tell the character that they are in your dream. Tell the character simply that you are dreaming. They will argue with one and not the other. Guess which one.
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