Dreams of a Deceased Friend and Pregnancy

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    So I've spent the better part of this afternoon reading the posts in this forum. I have never had anyone who I can really speak with about past life memories or reincarnation or anything of the sort (husband has no idea what to make with the idea of reincarnation and past lives; he isn't much of a believer in anything) so there's a lot I haven't expressed out loud before. I'm sorry if some of this seems stupid; I guess I'm just not quite sure what to make of it and I haven't really gotten to speak with anyone about it. I'm sorry also if I am too wordy.

    One thing that has been weighing on my mind a lot lately - in the fall of 2018, I lost my best friend to a drunk driver. 2018 was an all around awful year for me. A few months before my friend died, I had a (very early) miscarriage. Her and I had not spoken much that year so she was unaware of the miscarriage. I always did regret that we were not as close as we had been for the previous 10+ years, but she had been dating a guy that was pretty bad news that I did not want around my kids. Seeing her without him was **** near impossible, so that last year we saw each other and spoke only infrequently. Anyway, miscarriage in the summer, she passes in the fall. It was a complete and utter shock, not to mention that it took some time for them to catch the guy that did it.

    A month or so after her passing, I had a dream? where I met with her in a house. I say dream because there is no other word for it that I know, but I really felt as though I was there with her. I have had wishful, fantasy dreams of crazy things involving people I know, ones that fade with time, but this was different. When I saw her, she smiled at me and picked up a baby out of a bassinet. We didn't speak in the dream, but it was just like being around her and I felt very much at peace. It may be important to note, that previous to that last year, she had close relationships with my other children. She was in the hospital immediately after their births, helped me out during the first few weeks, and was a frequent babysitter. We would also take the kids everywhere together - from parades, to Santa, to the park, she was over multiple times a week. My older son, who has a better memory of her, still refers to her as his "aunt." (My little boy was 2 when she passed, so I am not sure how much he remembers of her). It gave me such comfort to at least have the appearance that she was taking care of this one, too. I wanted to know more about this child - the gender, who they were- and she shook her head. I don't know how to explain this because we weren't speaking, but she knew what I wanted to know. She put the baby back down, gave me a hug, and that was it; I woke up, but I woke up feeling so calm and peaceful.

    Fast forward to this past December - her birthday - I had been trying to conceive again for nearly a year and it just wasn't happening. I felt like it would never happen again and was getting quite dejected. Why bother? I was about to just give it up as something that wouldn't happen. In my mind, I had figured that if I had a girl, I would like to somehow incorporate part of my friend's name in there. I had another dream about "speaking" with her again around this time, where it was "intuited" that there would be another baby, this baby would show up around the 20-21 "right around the holiday, but not on the holiday itself." And yes, that was the exact feeling that I got - it would be a few days before, but definitely not ON the holiday. Lo and behold - I found out I was pregnant again 3 weeks ago. My estimated due date is November 20- snuggled right in between my friend's date of death in October, and her birthday in December, and only a few days before Thanksgiving.

    I'm not sure what to make of all of that. I've had several thoughts (could she reincarnate? I read the conflicting theory about people that leave abruptly, due to accidents, that come back rather quickly. Could it be the same child as before, just the timing wasn't right?)

    I know that no one has any definitive answers, but I'm glad to finally be able to speak of this with people and not sound crazy, as my husband is sort of a nod, smile, and change the subject guy.
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    Hi LayingintheSun,

    Welcome to the forum!
    What beautiful dreams you told us. Thank you for sharing.
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    Allo Allo Layinginthesun. What a great visit from your friend. I think they might be a guide for you.
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    Hi, thank you too for sharing your story, such tragedy for her to die this way and for you to loose her. I think your dream was real.

    I hope all goes well with your pregnancy and in time I think you will notice yourself if your child is the reincarnation of your best friend.

    I have met several past life soul mates in this life. One friend of mine (who remembered her past life and in that one we were friends) would later say that when she met me it was as if she was seeing "a ghost". She did not tell me anything for several years ! All the while I would remember the same past life, but I did not know by then that she had been one of my friends in that life. She did not think she was allowed to tell me. She also remembered I had seemed depressed in that life. When she met me in this life she saw that I was bubbly and would giggle a lot. She did not want to "wake" something inside me by telling me. It was only after I had confided in her that she chose to tell me.

    We later found proof, detailed information that both she told me, had been true.

    Some are pretty good at spotting "a ghost"/the reincarnation of someone they knew in a past life, as if they know right away and others take their time and other's won't realize it at all.

    I am sure you will notice little things about your future child that when adding it up, if she is the reincarnation, you will in time be able to tell. What joy it will then be ! :)

    I am also thinking perhaps the possibility is that your friend in spirit wish to give you hope of tomorrow, that she knows you will have a new baby. Perhaps she will be this baby's guardian angel. Either way I think your dream was real and in one way or another you will meet again, like soulmates do.

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