Drowning in the 70's

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by Louisa, Apr 9, 2018.

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    Apr 9, 2018
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    hi everyone! Im new here. I never really had thought about reincarnation until recently. I recently started to feel & see flashbacks that I may have been a drowning victim in the early 70's since I feel this strange deep connection to the music from that time. I don't have a fear of water but I am terrified of the ocean I feel horrible just reading about people drowning, I feel physical pain as If it has happened to me. I intensely feel like I was drowned by somebody. I remember myself as a white woman not more than 22 years old & I might have been taken while I was hitchhiking. I also feel very attracted to missing persons cases from the 70's. Its strange because never had I had these like flashbacks before
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    Welcome to the forum

    It could easily be that someone drowned you at a beach back then and perhaps you were never found
    It's not uncommon to look for your old self's identity, I did too and after YEARS was successfull, as were others

    Being drawn to a certain era can often be a good indication that you lived in it, and the music was indeed good back then (I was killed in the late '60s so no memories but do like good music from any era)
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    Hi Louisa,

    Welcome! Do you have anything more specific, such as general location, name, ethnicity, scenery, etc.? It sounds like you would have been one of many missing persons during that period. So, that could be hard to pin down. Do you think this was in the U.S.A. or elsewhere? I think it might be possible to get lists of missing persons somewhere in the U.S. and probably elsewhere, but the closer you can pin things down the more possible it becomes to search. Any details could help.

    The scenario sounds very sad, but very possible. Young girls and women who went hitch hiking in that era were not uncommon, and took to the road with an insouciance that would have amazed and scandalized people in earlier eras. Sometimes, unfortunately, the results were tragic.


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