Dying before your time - destiny? + Past life echoing itself?

Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by sortoflikeheaven, Oct 31, 2018.

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    I just feel as if I need to bring up some questions that has been in the back of my mind for a long time now. I would like to hear your opinions and experiences about this. I don't know if there has been a study or not on past-life cases when a person gets killed by someone else, but that is probably asking too much.

    To make a long story short I have identified/found the person who's memories I've carried with me, a female. I think it was my most recent past life.

    OK here we go: If now it is true - that one designs one's own death (which I've read about) - what then of those people who get killed by someone else? Is that so called fate too? What if past-life-me was suppose to live much longer and be alive today - then would I even be here today? I was reborn rather quickly.

    There has been signs in my own life as if the past wants to repeat itself, but I've turned it down over and over again. Has this happened to others? Especially who's past life has been cut before their time?

    Other things has just led up to me for instance being exactly where past-life-me have been (found years later proof of that too, addresses etc), starting when I was a child on vacations abroad, to people wanting me involved in the same occupation that past-life-me had which then would at one point or another probably lead me directly to where she once worked (and lived). It is like some kind of echo. For instance my parents gave me the same name that she had.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this! :)
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    Hi sortoflikeheaven, I have no answers to your questions and I don't claim to know the truth, I can only give you my personal opinion. I believe in (or deeply resonate with, if you prefer) predestination. In my view everything is already decided from the start, especially the bumps in the road, the good moments and tragedies, death included. Some people will probably disagree with me, but I can't conceive any other way at this point of my life: destiny is inescapable. It's more of my own personal opinion rather than something I can prove though.
    I noticed that if there is a karmic bind of some sort, that I see as a lesson we failed to learn, we will probably find ourselves in the same circumstances as before, possibly with the exact same people as before. I've seen this happen to me but I know it has happened to other people too.
    Sometimes our souls may even decide to have a certain appearance or name, or to experience all sorts of synchronicities with the past (a relevant part of their past) for their own reasons. I don't mean that we look like our past selves or have the same name, but sometimes it can happen, as other synchronicities can happen (people can see them as coincidences). If such things happen they could be a suggestion of where our destiny may lead us, and what lessons we still have to learn.
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    I guess its possible, your past life was still you just in a different flesh suit. In that the conciousness moved into your current flesh suit
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    I have been told that the life plan is a rough outline, but we are free to live between the major points however we will, or even veer off of the path if we so desire. I was also taught that there are several points planned out where we might die called "exit points" and which one we take depends upon our own actions and that of those around us. Take that idea if it resonates with you or leave it if it does not.

    I have had several repetitive life events. For example: in one life I participated in a successful revolution, then was outlawed for political reasons and had to hide away with several companions until we were surrounded and I died. The next life I know of, a a few decades later, I participated in an unsuccessful rebellion, was pardoned, then chose to become an outlaw for political reasons with several companions until we were surrounded and arrested. There were many similar themes, such as betrayal by former allies, undermining the corrupt system, and even a few of the same souls showed up. It may be due to unfinished business from the first life (I still have some sticking points from both lives that have resurfaced in this lifetime), it may just be that I was curious to see how it would work out if it went a different way, maybe I just liked that life formula (despite its hardships), or perhaps I did not learn everything that I had set out to. Both lives felt complete though, like they went the way they should and lasted just the right amount of time.

    I would not worry too much about repeating the past. And if the world seems to be tugging you in a certain direction, take a look at how you feel about it: if it feels exciting or safe (despite any logical objections), then that is likely the way you had intended to travel in this life. If it gives you a bad feeling, you may want to avoid it. Your instinct is stronger than most people give it credit for.

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