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    Oct 27, 2016
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    Hi Polaris8,

    My response about the Eckankar cult was mainly intended to inform people about the structure of a cult. The forum of this website is being read by so many more people than just the registered members.
    And I think this kind of information is needed to form a balanced opinion about this religious group. My response was not directed personally to you, although I wondered whether you only wanted to inform about the Eckankar or whether you were involved in it too. Well, I guess you are involved, now I read your defense of this group. I don't deny you your right of religion. On this forum, we have people from all kinds of religions and as long as people don't start preaching, that's ok.

    However, I would like to clarify some things.

    First, the message of a cult-like religion has nothing to do with whether the group is considered a cult or not. It's about the structure and the organization.

    Second, it has nothing to do with opposing the ideas of Christianity. In fact, a lot of big and smaller Christian groups are considered a cult, just based on their structure and organization. Within the Catholic Church, we have Opus Dei for example. On the protestant side, my mother grew up in an evangelical cult with high profile preachers. Having big churches all over the world is not an argument against being a cult.

    Third, the message and content that a cult presents to the general public are in no way decisive for judging a cult. One of the characteristics of a cult is having two faces. One face for the public to see and another face for the members of the cult. The public message and the secret message are often insanely contradictory.

    I deliberately did not comment on the content of the Eckankar doctrine nor their public statements. It's not necessary, as I explained above.
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